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RPR1991-E Memorial to Walter Henry Voskuil, 1892-1984 Jack A. Simon 1991 Buy
RPR1991-D Numerical assessment of a landfill compliance limit Bruce R. Hensel, Donald A. Keefer, Robert A. Griffin, and Richard C. Berg 1991 $5.00
RPR1991-C Impact of riverine wetlands construction and operation on stream channel stability: concoptual framework for geomorphic assesment Bruce L. Rhoads, Michael V. Miller 1990 $5.00
RPR1991-B Construction and performance of a long-term earthen liner experiment Keros Cartwright, Ivan G. Krapac 1990 $5.00
RPR1991-A Evidence for post-Two Creeks age of the type Calumet shoreline of glacial Lake Chicago Allan F. Schneider, Ardith K. Hansel 1991 $5.00
RPR1990-O Fuels from coal by mild gasification : a review M. D. Stephenson, A. D. Williams, and C. W. Kruse 1990 Out of Print
RPR1990-N Fluvial-estuarine valley fill at the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian unconformity, Main Consolidated Field, Illinois Richard H. Howard and Stephen T. Whitaker 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-M Geochemistry of sulfur in coal C.-L. Chou 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-L 1989 shore erosion and rapid development of logarithmic-spiral recession at North Point Marina, Lake County, Illinois Michael J. Chrzastowski and Paul D. Terpstra 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-K Estimate of the natural-state littoral transport along the Chicago lakeshore Michael J. Chrzastowski 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-J Late Wisconsinan and Holocene littoral drift patterns in southern Lake Michigan Michael J. Chrzastowski 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-I Particle-size analysis by a modified pipette procedure S. J. Indorante, L. R. Follmer, R. D. Hammer, and P. G. Koenig 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-H Abundances and leachabilities of sodium and chlorine in lithotypes of Illinois Basin coals I. Demir, C.-L. Chou, and C. Chaven 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-G Abundance and origin of major minerals in the Herrin Coal, Illinois Basin Ilham Demir and R. D. Harvey 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-F Coal : geology Harvey, H.[sic] D. (Richard D.) 1990 Out of Print
RPR1990-E Coal : world resources H. H. Damberger 1990 Out of Print
RPR1990-D Geology of the Herrin Coal at Crown II Mine, Virden, Macoupin County, Illinois Philip J. DeMaris and W. John Nelson 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-C Comparison of slug test methodologies for determination of hydraulic conductivity in fine-grained sediments Beverly L. Herzog and Walter J. Morse 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-B Multiple Wisconsinan glacigenic sequences at Wedron, Illinois W. Hilton Johnson and Ardith K. Hansel 1990 $5.00
RPR1990-A Sidescan sonar examination of deteriorated revetments and bulkheads along Chicago's lake front Michael J. Chrzastowski 1990 Out of Print


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