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RPR1959-D The conodont homeomorphs Taphrognathus and Streptognathodus Carl B. Rexroad 1958 Out of print
RPR1961-C Conodonts from the Glen Dean Formation of Kentucky and equivalent formations of Virginia and West Virginia Carl B. Rexroad and Charles E. Clarke 1960 Out of print
RPR1962-A Correlation by conodonts of Golconda Group (Chesterian) in Illinois Basin Carl B. Rexroad and Mary Kathryn Jarrell 1961 Out of print
RPR1962-W Conodonts from the Paoli and equivalent formations in the Illinois Basin Carl B. Rexroad and Richard M. Liebe 1962 Out of print
RPR1962-B Conodonts from the Kinkaid Formation (Chester) in Illinois Carl B. Rexroad and Robert C. Burton 1961 Out of print
C388 Conodonts from the Keokuk, Warsaw, and Salem formations (Mississippian) of Illinois Carl B. Rexroad, Charles Collinson 1965 Out of print
C355 Conodonts from the St. Louis formation (Valmeyeran series) Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri Carl B. Rexroad, Charles Collinson 1963 Out of print
C319 Preliminary range charts of conodonts from the Chester series (Mississippian) in the Illinois Basin Carl B. Rexroad, Charles Collinson 1961 Out of print
C599 Illinois Basin - Decatur Project: Soil Carbon Dioxide Flux Monitoring Carl H. Carman, Curt S. Blakley, Christopher P. Korose, and Randall A. Locke II 2019 Buy
B067 Pennsylvanian fusulinidae of Illinois Carl O. Dunbar and Lloyd G. Henbest ; with a section on stratigraphy by J. Marvin Weller, Lloyd G. Henbest and Carl O. Dunbar 1942 Out of print
B027 Geography of the Upper Illinois Valley and history of development Carl Ortwin Sauer 1916 Report Out of print
EG083 Geology for planning in De Witt County, Illinois Cathy S. Hunt and John P. Kempton 1977 Out of print
MISCMAPCUSEC Soil amplification/liquefaction potential map: showing areas of relative potential for shaking and/or liquefaction from earthquakes Central United States Earthquake Consortium and U.S. Geological Survey 1999 NA
B070 Pennsylvanian ostracodes of Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1946 Out of print
RI126 Role of microfossils in interregional Pennsylvanian correlations Chalmer L. Cooper 1947 Out of print
RI122 Upper Kinkaid (Mississippian) microfauna from Johnson County, Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1947 Out of print
RI098 Smaller Foraminifera from the Porters Creek formation (Paleocene) of Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1944 Out of print
RI083 Occurrence and stratigraphic distribution of Paleozoic ostracodes Chalmer L. Cooper 1942 Out of print
RI077 Chester ostracodes of Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1941 Out of print
RPR1981-O Illinois State Geological Survey radiocarbon dates VII Chao-Li Liu and Dennis D. Coleman 1981 $5.00


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