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RI058 A study of the equilibration method of determining moisture in coal for classification by rank O. W. Rees, F. H. Reed, G. W. Land 1939 Out of print
RI057 Fine-grained molding sand resources of northern Illinois: a preliminary investigation H. B. Willman 1939 Out of print
RI056 Illinois mineral industry in 1938: a preliminary statistical summary and economic review distribution of coal in 1937 Walter H. Voskuil, G. N. Oliver 1939 Out of print
RI055 Effect of preparation on ash fusibility of selected Illinois coals L. C. McCabe, O. W. Rees 1939 Out of print
RI054 The market for Illinois oil in 1937 and 1938 Walter H. Voskuil 1939 Out of print
RI053 A unique clay from the Goose Lake, Illinois, area R. E. Grim and W. F. Bradley 1939 Out of print
C064 The research work and public activities of the State Geological survey M. M. Leighton 1940 Out of print
C063 Glaciation of the Grays Lake, Illinois, Quadrangle William E. Powers and George E. Ekblaw 1940 Out of print
C062 Progress report on the investigation of the properties of Illinois shales and clays as mortar mix R. K. Hursh, J. E. Lamar, and R. E. Grim 1940 Out of print
C061 Agricultural limestone distribution in Illinois in 1939 : preliminary report W. H. Voskuil and G. N. Oliver ; in cooperation with the Mid-West Agricultural Limestone Institute 1940 Out of print
C060 Some geological studies presented at the State Academy of Science in 1939. Illinois State Geological Survey 1940 Out of print
C059 Structural trends in the Illinois Basin George V. Cohee and Charles W. Carter 1940 Out of print
C058 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Randolph, western Perry, southwestern Washington and southeastern St. Clair Counties, Illinois Gilbert H. Cady ; assisted Earle F. Taylor and Adler E. Spotti ; with notes on the oil and gas possibilities / Alfred H. Bell 1940 Out of print
B068 Some addresses and paper presented on the occasion of the dedication of the State Natural Resources Building, November 15, 1940, and the Illinois Mineral Industries Conference, November 14-16, 1940. Illinois State Geological Survey 1940 Out of print
IP036 Developments in Eastern Interior Basin, in 1939 and first quarter of 1940 Alfred H. Bell 1940 Out of print
IP035 Oil and gas development in Illinois in 1939 Alfred H. Bell and George V. Cohee 1940 Out of print
RI071 Geology and oil possibilities of extreme southern Illinois : Union, Johnson, Pope, Hardin, Alexander, Pulaski and Massac Counties J. Marvin Weller 1940 Out of print
RI070 Preliminary geological map of parts of the Alto Pass, Jonesboro, and Thebes Quadrangles, Union, Alexander, and Jackson counties J. Marvin Weller and George E. Ekblaw ; revised in part from map by T. E. Savage. Explanation and stratigraphic summary / J. Marvin Weller 1940 Out of print
RI068 Effect of fluorspar on silicate melts with special reference to mineral wool J. S. Machin and J. F. Vanecek 1940 Out of print
RI067 Porosity, total liquid saturation, and permeability of Illinois oil sands R. J. Piersol, L. E. Workman, M. C. Watson 1940 $5.00


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