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ANR2007 Illinois geology: science serving society : Illinois State Geological Survey annual report 2007 Illinois State Geological Survey 2007 Free + shipping
IPGMVergennesBG Bedrock Geology of Vergennes Quadrangle, Perry and Jackson Counties, Illinois Russell J. Jacobson and F. Brett Denny 2007 $15.00
IPGMPutnamSG Surficial Geology of Putnam Quadrangle, Bureau, Putnam and Marshall Counties, Illinois E.D. McKay, III, R.C. Berg, A.J. Stumpf, C.P. Weibel 2007 $7.50
IPGMPomonaBG Bedrock Geology of Pomona Quadrangle, Jackson County, Illinois M.J. Seid, W.J. Nelson, J.A. Devera 2007 Buy
IPGMMurphysboroBG Bedrock Geology of Murphysboro Quadrangle, Jackson County, Illinois R.J. Jacobson, F.B. Denny, G.W. Griffith 2007 $20.00
IPGMMonksMoundSG Surficial Geology of Monks Mound Quadrangle, Madison and St. Clair Counties, Illinois D.A. Grimley, A.C. Phillips, and S.W. Lepley 2007 $20.00
IPGMLaconSG Surficial geology of Lacon Quadrangle, Marshall County, Illinois E.D. McKay, III, R.C. Berg, A.J. Stumpf, C.P. Weibel 2007 $7.50
IPGMHarrisburgBG Bedrock Geology of Harrisburg Quadrangle, Saline County, Illinois F. Brett Denny, Russell J. Jacobson, and W. John Nelson 2007 $20.00
IPGMChillicotheSG Surficial geology of Chillicothe Quadrangle, Peoria, Marshall, and Woodford Counties, Illinois E.D. McKay, III, R.C. Berg, A.J. Stumpf, C.P. Weibel 2007 $7.50
SPR004 Four Months a Prisoner of War in 1945 Jack A. Simon, compiled by Dick Harvey and Paul DuMontelle 2007 Free + shipping
OFS2007-8 Reource assessment and production testing for coalbed methane in Illinois David G. Morse and Ilham Demir 2007 $15.00
OFS2007-7 Kane County water resources investigations : final report on geologic investigations William S. Dey, Alec M. Davis, B. Brandon Curry, Donald A. Keefer, Curt C. Abert 2007 $13.00
OFS2007-6 Chemical and isotopic database for McHenry County study on groundwater quality and land use Hue-Hwa Hwang, Samuel V. Panno, Keith C. Hackley, and Drew Walgren 2007 $10.00
OFS2007-5 Annual report for active IDOT wetland compensation and hydrologic monitoring sites : September 1, 2006 to September 1 2007 Christine S. Fucciolo, Steven E. Benton, Keith W. Carr, Charles W. Knight, James J. Miner, Eric T. Plankell, Geoffrey E. Posiask, Bonnie J. R. Sperling 2007 $13.00
OFS2007-4 Database for Estimating Background and Threshold Nitrate Concentrations Using Probability Graphs S.V. Panno, W.R. Kelly, A.T. Martinsek, and K.C. Hackley 2007 $13.00
OFS2007-3 Level II Hydrogeologic Characterization Report: Morris Wetland Bank Site, Grundy County, Illinois Keith W. Carr 2007 $13.00
OFS2007-2 Level II Hydrogeologic Characterization Report: Sugar Creek Potential Wetland Compensation Site, Franklin County, Illinois Geoffrey E. Pociask and Gregory A. Shofner 2007 $13.00
OFS2007-1 Level II Hydrogeologic Characterization Report: Potential Wetland Compensation Site 6W, West Freeport Bypass, Stephenson County, Illinois Eric T. Plankell and Kelli D. Weaver-Miner 2007 $13.00
OFS2005-3 Mass balance of nitrogen and phosphorus in an agricultural watershed: the shallow groundwater component Edward Mehnert, William S. Dey, Hue-Hwa Hwang, Donald A. Keefer, Thomas R. Holm, Thomas M. Johnson, Will C. Beaumont, Matthew C. F. Wander, Robert A. Sanford, Jennifer M. McDonald, and Shawn M. Shiffer. 2006 (rev.) $18.00
IGQGrantforkSG Surficial Geology of Grantfork Quadrangle, Madison County, Illinois David A. Grimley and Andrew C. Phillips 2006 buy


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