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FTBloomington Bloomington area. 1964 Buy
EG076 Bluff erosion, recession rates, and volumetric losses on the Lake Michigan shore in Illinois Richard C. Berg and Charles Collinson 1976 Out of print
RPR1974-D Boron in illite as an indicator of paleosalinity of Illinois coals B. F. Bohor and H. J. Gluskoter 1973 $5.00
RPR1958-C Breccia and small-scale lower Pennsylvanian overthrusting in southern Illinois Paul Edwin Potter 1957 Out of print
FTBreese Breese area : Clinton County, Breese and Carlyle 15-minute quadrangles David L. Reinertsen, Dwain J. Berggren, and Myrna M. Killey 1974 Buy
C244 Brine disposal in Illinois oil fields Alfred H. Bell, in cooperation with the Interstate Oil Compact Commission 1957 $5.00
RI031 Briquetting Illinois coals without a binder by compression and by impact : progress report of a laboratory investigation R. J. Piersol 1933 Out of print
RI037 Briquetting Illinois coals without a binder by impact: second report of a laboratory investigation R. J. Piersol 1935 Out of print
B072 Briquetting Illinois coals without binder by R. J. Piersol 1948 Out of print
C352 Buff-burning clay resources of southwestern and southern Illinois Walter E. Parham, W. Arthur White 1963 $5.00
C353 Buff-burning clay resources of Western Illinois W. Arthur White 1963 $5.00
GEONOTE004 Build Illinois : The last 500 million years Robert C. Vaiden 2000
IMAP005 Buried bedrock surface of Illinois (3rd ed.) Beverly L. Herzog, Barbara J. Stiff, Cheri A. Chenoweth ... et al. 1994 Buy
C095 Buried bedrock valleys east of Joliet and their relation to water supply Leland Horberg and K. O. Emery 1943 Out of print
RPR1967-D Buried soils, fossil mollusks, and Late Cenozoic paleoenvironments John C. Frye and A. Byron Leonard 1967 Out of print
IM050 By-product gypsum in Illinois : a new resource? Henry P. Ehrlinger III, B. F. Bohor, and G. C. Finger 1973 $5.00
RPR1973-J Cadmium: Mode of occurrence in Illinois coals Harold J. Gluskoter and Peter C. Lindahl 1973 Out of print
OFS2005-11 Cahokia potential wetland compensation site: Level II hydrogeologic characterization report (former Tiernan property) St. Clair County, Illinois Bonnie J. Robinson 2005 $13.00
RPR1961-B Calcisphaera from the Salem (Mississippian) Limestone in southwestern Illinois James W. Baxter 1960 Out of print
RPR1966-J Calcium and bromide contents of natural waters Raymond J. Anderson, Donald L. Graf, and Blair F. Jones 1966 Out of print


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