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RPR1999-D Depositional facies and sequence stratigraphy of a Lower Carboniferous bryozoan-crinoidal carbonate ramp in the Illinois Basin, mid-continent USA Zakaria Lasemi, Rodney D. Norby & Janis D. Treworgy 1998 $5.00
GB031 Middle Mississippian carbonates and siliciclastics in western Illinois Zakaria Lasemi, Rodney D. Norby, and Joseph A. Devera, Bruce W. Fouke, Hannes E. Leetaru and F. Brett Denny 1999 $5.00
OFS1991-14d Plate 4. Occurrence of Mahomet-Sankoty Sand and probable aquifer characteristics [J. P. Kempton and A. P. Visocky] 1991 $10.50
OFS1991-14c Plate 3. Distribution and elevation of the top of the Mahomet-Sankoty Sand [J. P. Kempton and A. P. Visocky] 1991 $10.50
OFS1991-14b Plate 2. An interpretation of the bedrock topography of the confluence area of the Mahomet and Mackinaw Bedrock Valleys [J. P. Kempton and A. P. Visocky] 1991 $10.50
OFS1991-14a Plate 1. Location and summary of well test hole data [J. P. Kempton and A. P. Visocky] 1991 $10.50
C022 Correlation problems in the new Illinois Basin fields [Lewis W. Workman, Alfred H. Bell] 1937 Out of print


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