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MRMClark Road materials of Clark County Illinois State Geological Survey 1930 $9.00
MRMChristian Road materials of Christian County Illinois State Geological Survey 1930 $9.00
MRMChampaign Road materials of Champaign County Illinois State Geological Survey 1930 $9.00
B057 Geology and mineral resources of the Alexis Quadrangle Harold R. Wanless 1929 $5.40
B056 Illinois coal : a non-technical account of its occurrence, production, and preparation A. Bement 1929 Out of print
B042rev Engineering and legal aspects of land drainage in Illinois --1st revised edition G. W. Pickels and F. B. Leonard 1929 Out of print
ES02 The Rock River Country of northern Illinois Deette Rolfe 1929 Out of print
IP018 The Darmstadt anticline and related structures, St. Clair County Alfred H. Bell. Anticlinal areas near Renault, Monroe County / Gail F. Mounton 1929 Out of print
IP017 The Dupo oil field A. H. Bell. Petroleum production and development in Illinois during 1928 / Gail F. Moulton 1929 Out of print
RI019 I. Physiographic divisions of the area covered by the Illinoian drift-sheet in southern Illinois. II. Recent discoveries of Pre-Illinoian drift in southern Illinois Paul MacClintock 1929 $5.00
RI018 The gastropod genus Yvania : contribution to the paleontology of Illinois J. Marvin Weller 1929 Out of print
RI017 The limestone resources of the Pontiac-Fairbury region J. E. Lamar 1929 Out of print
B055 Geology and mineral resources of the Hercher Quadrangle L. F. Athy 1928 Out of print
B053 Geology and economic resources of the St. Peter sandstone of Illinois J. E. Lamar 1928 Out of print
IP016 Recent development on the Ayers anticline ; and, Recent drilling northwest of St. Francisville, Lawrence County, Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1928 Out of print
IP015 A study of the core of the Yanaway well no. 33 in the Siggins pool J. E. Lamar. Corrosion in the Eastern Illinois oil fields / J. E. Lamar and C. R. Clark 1928 Out of print
IP014 Structure and oil prospects of eastern Clark County Gail F. Moulton and Jackson Young 1928 Out of print
RI016 The oil and gas resources of the Ava-Campbell Hill area by Towner B. Root 1928 Out of print
RI015 Preliminary report on the fuller's earth deposits of Pulaski County J. E. Lamar 1928 $5.00
B054 Oil and gas development and possibilities in east-central Illinois (Clark, Coles, Douglas, Edgar and parts of adjoining counties) L. A. Mylius 1927 Out of print


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