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C004 Results of test-drilling of limestone near Morris, Illinois J. E. Lamar and H. B. Willman 1933 Out of print
C003 Preliminary report on the sand and gravel resources of the Buda Quadrangle George E. Ekblaw 1932 Out of print
C002 Agricultural limestone distribution in 1930-31. Illinois State Geological Survey 1932 Out of print
C001 Effects of water flooding on oil production from the McClosky Sand, Dennison Township, Lawrence County Alfred H. Bell and R. J. Piersol 1932 Out of print
C-008 1914 Petroleum in Illinois in 1912 and 1913 Raymond S. Blatchley 1914 Out of print
C-007 1912 Petroleum in Illinois in 1911 Raymond S. Blatchley 1912 Out of Print
C-006 1911 The Illinois oil fields in 1910 Raymond S. Blatchley 1911 Out of print
C-005 1909 The Mineral Production of Illinois in 1908 R. S. Blatchley 1909 Out of Print
C-004 1908 The Mineral Production of Illinois in 1907 F. B. Van Horn 1908 Out of Print
C-003 1908 State of Illinois Geological Survey (Annual Report) H. Foster Bain 1908 Out of Print
C-002 1907 The Mineral Production of Illinois in 1906 F.B. Van Horn 1907 Out of Print
C-001 1906 The Mineral Production of Illinois in 1905 F.B. Van Horn 1906 Out of Print
B107 Sequence stratigraphy of the Lower Chesterian (Mississippian) strata of the Illinois Basin W. John Nelson, Langhorne B. Smith, Janis D. Treworgy, contributions by Lloyd C. Furer and Brian D. Keith 2002 $25.00
B106 Three-dimensional geological mapping : a pilot program for resource and environmental assessment in the Villa Grove Quadrangle, Douglas County, Illinois Zakaria Lasemi and Richard C. Berg, editors 2001 $10.00
B105 Bibliography and index of Illinois geology 1966-1996 Lynne Raymond Martin 2001 Buy
B104 Wedron and Mason groups : lithostratigraphic reclassification of deposits of the Wisconsin Episode, Lake Michigan lobe area Ardith K. Hansel, W. Hilton Johnson 1996 $6.25
B103 Geology of the Lick Creek Quadrangle, Johnson, Union, and Williamson Counties, southern Illinois W. John Nelson and C. Pius Weibel 1996 $5.00
B102 Bedrock geology of the Paducah 1 degree x 2 degree Quadrangle Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri W. John Nelson 1995 $11.00
B101 Geology of the Jonesboro 15-minute Quadrangle, southwestern Illinois : Jonesboro, Mill Creek, Ware, and McClure 7-5-minute Quadrangles W. John Nelson, Joseph A. Devera, and John M. Masters 1995 $5.00
B100 Structural features in Illinois W. John Nelson 1995 $8.00


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