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RPR1995-D Occurrence of agricultural chemicals in Illinois' rural private wells : results from the pilot study E. Mehnert, S. C. Schock, M. L. Barnhardt, M. E. Caughey, S.F.J. Chou, W. S. Dey, G.B. Dreher, and C. Ray 1995 $5.00
RPR1995-E Preliminary comparison of Waulsortian mound facies in the Williston and Illinois Basins Randolph B. Burke, Zakaria Lasemi 1995 $5.00
RPR1995-F Groundwater contamination from municipal landfills in the USA W. R. Roy 1995 $5.00
RPR1995-G Uncertain future for Chicago aggregate industry Donald G. Mikulic 1995 $5.00
RPR1995-H Off-site movement of pesticide-contaminated fill from agrichemical facilities during the 1993 flooding in Illinois W. R. Roy, S.-F. J. Chou, and I. G. Krapac 1995 $5.00
RPR1996-A Constraints on the availability of coal for mining in Illinois C. G. Treworgy, R. J. Jacobson, C. Chenoweth, M. H. Bargh 1996 $5.00
RPR1996-B Microcrystalline silica (tripoli) deposits in southernmost Illinois Richard B. Berg and John M. Masters 1995 $5.00
RPR1996-C Environmental isotope characteristics of landfill leachates and gases K. C. Hackley, C. L. Liu, and D. D. Coleman 1996 $5.00
RPR1996-D Devonian tectonism of the Illinois basin region, U.S. continental interior W. John Nelson, Stephen Marshak 1996 $5.00
RPR1996-E Absence of glaciation in Illinois during Marine isotope stages 3 through 5 B. Brandon Curry and Milan J. Pavich 1996 $5.00
RPR1996-G Surface properties of eight coals in the Illinois Basin Coal Sample Program Ilham Demir, Anthony A. Lizzio, E. I. Fuller, and Richard D. Harvey 1997 $5.00
RPR1996-H Utilization of fly ash in structural and decorative ceramic products R. E. Hughes, G. B. Dreher, M. R. Rostam-Abadi, D. M. Moore, and P. J. DeMaris 1996 $5.00
RPR1997-A Silicon R. Lewis Jones and Gary B. Dreher 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-B Late Quaternary temporal and event classifications, Great Lakes region, North America W. Hilton Johnson, Ardith K. Hansel, E. Arthur Bettis III, Paul F. Karrow, Grahame J. Larson, Thomas V. Lowell, and Allan F. Schneider 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-C Loess studies in central United States Leon R. Follmer 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-D Availability of coal resources for future development in Illinois Colin Treworgy 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-E Results and lessons learned from coastal monitoring at Forest Park Beach on the Illinois Shore of Lake Michigan Michael J. Chrzastowski and C. Brian Trask 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-G Geologic factors affecting the abundance, distribution, and speciation of sulfur in coals C.-L. Chou 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-H Comment on: Definition of clay and clay mineral: joint report of the AIPEA nomenclature and CMS nomenclature committees D. M. Moore 1997 $5.00
RPR1997-I Illite polytype quantification using Wildfire [copyright symbol] calculated x-ray diffraction patterns Georg H. Granthoff and D. M. Moore 1997 $5.00


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