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RPR1956-H Underground storage of liquid petroleum hydrocarbons in Illinois Illinois Committee, Alfred H. Bell, Chairman 1956 Out of print
IP104 Underground storage of natural gas D. C. Bond 1975 $5.00
C318 Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1961 Out of print
IP086 Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois, 1967 T.C. Buschbach, D. C. Bond 1967 Out of print
IP101 Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois, 1973 T. C. Buschbach, D. C. Bond 1974 $5.00
RPR1974-J Underground waste management--a people problem John C. Frye 1973 $5.00
C106 Undiscovered oil reserves in Illinois M. M. Leighton. Lower Ordovician and Cambrian oil possibilities in Illinois / Stewart Folk 1944 Out of print
CG1983-05 Undisturbed core method for determining and evaluating the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated sediments Atef Elzeftawy and Keros Cartwright 1983 Out of print
RPR1985-K Unifying nomenclature in the Pennsylvanian System of the Illinois Basin R. J. Jacobson, C. B. Trask, C. H. Ault, D. D. Carr, H. H. Gray, W. A. Hasenmueller, D. Williams, and A. D. Williamson 1985 $5.00
C114 Unitizing the royalty interests Frederick Squires 1944 Out of print
C201 Unpublished reports on open file. I, mineral fuels Margaret B. Brophy 1955 Out of print
C209 Unpublished reports on open file. II. Industrial minerals Margaret B. Brophy 1956 Out of print
C210 Unpublished reports on open file. III. Groundwater geology and geophysics G. B. Maxey, J. W. Foster 1956 Out of print
C220 Unpublished reports on open file. IV, Stratigraphy and areal geology Lois S. Kent 1956 Out of print
OFS1990-7 Upgrading mild gasification oils prepared by Michael Stephensonprepared for Illinois State Geological Survey 1990 $5.00
RI122 Upper Kinkaid (Mississippian) microfauna from Johnson County, Illinois Chalmer L. Cooper 1947 Out of print
RPR1966-B Upper Mississippi Valley; Great Lakes--Ohio River Valley John C. Frye and H. B. Willman 1965 Out of print
B086 Upper Mississippian and Pennsylvanian megaspores and other plant microfossils from Illinois Marcia R. Winslow 1959 Out of print
C548 Upper Pennsylvanian algal bank limestones on the northern margin of the Illinois Basin Gordon S. Fraser 1991 $5.00
OFS1995-13d Upper sand and gravel isopach in Will and southern Cook Counties, Illinois Edward C. Smith and Melisa M. McLean 1995 $7.50


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