Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No.sort ascending Title Date Notes Keywords Added Entries
00093 Draining bins for silica sand after washing slide and negative available Photographs; Silica sand; St. Peter Sandstone; Machinery More Info
00058 Architect's model of the Geological Survey laboratory and experimental housing project No negative Diagrams; Laboratory More Info
00023 Aerial photograph of the Fox Lake region No negative Aerial photographs; Fox Lake, Illinois; Lake County, Illinois; McHenry County, Illinois More Info
00021 Exposure of Pleistocene deposits two miles northeast of Oconee, Shelby County, west bluff of Opossum Creek 1929 Slide and negative available Photographs; Outcrops; Pleistocene; Shelby County, Illinois Report of Investigations 19, Part II, Figure 7 More Info
00018 A Pleistocene section in southern Scott County No negative Pleistocene; Loess; Scott County, Illinois MacClintock, Paul More Info
00016 Banded ingredients in Illinois coals slide and negative available Coal More Info
00006 Koppers oven discharging 65% Illinois coal into blend No negative Coal; Koppers oven More Info
00005 Experimental and commercial cokes compared - I. No negative Coke; Coal More Info