Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No. Titlesort ascending Date Notes Keywords Added Entries
02613 Thin sectin of Brazil Block, coal, Twin City Coal Company magnified x150; No negative Thin sections; Coal Twin City Coal Company More Info
05058 Thin iron oxide layer in Iowan loess, northeast Iowa No negative Photographs; Glacial deposits; Loess; Iowa More Info
05063 Thick section of loess, "The Rocks," east of Shawneetown, Union County, Kentucky No negative Photographs; Glacial deposits; Loess; Kentucky More Info
02110 The rock dump at Mine No. 3, Spring Valley Coal Company 1919 No negative Photographs; Mines and mining; Coal; Mine waste Bulletin 37, Figure 7; Spring Valley Coal Company More Info
02175 The quarry in the south end of Walker's Hill near Grand Tower, Jackson County, Illinois 1925 No negative Photographs; Quarries; Limestone; Jackson County Bulletin 46, Figure 57 More Info
00967 The lodge at Giant City State Park No negative Photographs; Buildings; Giant City State Park; Jackson County; Union County More Info
01037 The continuous preheater used in the briquetting process No negative Photographs; Manufacturing Apparatus; Coal; Briquettes Bulletin 72, Figure 8 More Info
04180 Testing the Mahomet gravel pit water well, Champaign County, Illinois 1955 No negative Photographs; Drilling rig; Hydraulic rig; Water supply; Champaign County More Info
02156 Technical files room of the Illinois State Geological Survey 1929 January, 1929; No negative Photographs; Facilities; Illinois State Geological Survey More Info
02204 Tat (sic) pit in the 600-foot terrace east of Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois No negative; No digital file created Photographs; Sand and gravel; Pleistocene; Peoria County More Info
02298 Table of analyses of banded ingredients of Illinois coals No negative Tables; Coal chemistry and physics; Coal More Info
02925 Surface of horizontal parting in vitrain showing kaolinite in cracks, Brazil Block, Indiana No negative Coal; Kaolinite More Info
00414 Surface equipment at the New Orient Mine #2 at West Frankfort, Franklin County, Illinois Slide and negative available Photographs; Coal mine and mining; Buildings; Apparatus; Franklin County Bulletin 56, Figure 2; New Orient Mine More Info
01951 Stylolite in Salem limestone, Jonesboro Stone Company, Mill Creek, Union County, Illinois 1950 slightly less than natural size; No negative Stylolites; Salem Formation; Limestone; Union County Jonesboro Stone Company More Info
02006 Strip coal mine with shovel No negative; No digital file created Photographs; Mines and mining; Coal; Surface mining; Machinery More Info
02844 Striae (to the right of the pencil), Macoupin County, Illinois Photo 2522; No negative Photographs; Striations; Pleistocene; Macoupin County More Info
02001 Street scene showing conditions during early development of oil field Oversize slide Photographs; Petroleum; More Info
00242 Streator Brick Company using "coal measures shale, Streator, La Salle County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Brick manufacturing; Clay processing; Shale utilization; La Salle County Streator Brick Company More Info
05089 Storage battery locomotive Mancha Mine 96, Consolidation Coal Company Coal Section file sl_012 Coal mines and mining; Machinery Locomotive sl_012 More Info
00266 Stella Billington #1 Well rotary rig at Cisne Field, Wayne County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Petroleum; Drilling apparatus; Wayne County Pure Oil Company More Info