Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No. Title Datesort descending Notes Keywords Added Entries
01195 Kame topography Panorama view with slide 1215; slide and negative available Photographs; Kames; Pleistocene More Info
00790 Cambrian Trempealeau Formation, Dikelocephalus slide and negative available Fossils; Paleontology; Cambrian More Info
00352 Composite geophysical log for the Rockford Water Well #5, Winnebago County, Illinois Slide and negative available Photographs; Water supply; Geophysical methods; Well logging; Wells; Winnebago County Circular 108, Figure 17 More Info
05057 Dreikanter boulder, white quartzite, Iowan drift border No negative Photographs; Glacial deposits; Iowa Kay, G.E. More Info
02204 Tat (sic) pit in the 600-foot terrace east of Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois No negative; No digital file created Photographs; Sand and gravel; Pleistocene; Peoria County More Info
02857 Baker core barrel core drilling the Warner Caldwell-Ida Snyder no. 6 well No negative Photographs; Drilling Apparatus; Petroleum More Info
02123 Outcrop of Colchester No. 2 coal and associated beds, Mercer County, Illinois Section 23, T14N, R2W; No negative Photographs; Outcrops; Coal; Colchester (No. 2) Coal; Mercer County More Info
02820 Photomicrograph of clarain dust, 65 x 100 mesh magnified ca. x50; No negative Photomicrographs; Coal More Info
02545 Ottawa Silica Company quarry in St. Peter Sandstone, La Salle County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Mines and mining; Surface mining; St. Peter Sandstone; La Salle County Ottawa Silica Company More Info
01232 Hydraulic method of mining loosely cemented glass sand in quarry of Standard Silica Company, La Salle County Section 15, Ottawa Township; slide and negative available Photographs; Mines and mining; Silica; Sand; Hydraulic mining; La Salle County Standard Silica Company More Info
02932 Applied Research Laboratory, Illinois State Geological Survey No negative Photographs; Buildings More Info
00956 Rock crevasse in Giant City State Park slide and negative available Photographs; Geomorphology; Giant City State Park; Jackson County; Union County More Info
03454 Neocalamites from Triassic of Germany No negative Paleobotany; Fossils; Triassic; Germany More Info
04300 National Stone Company, Joliet, Illinois No slide or negative Photographs; Mines and mining; Stone; Silurian More Info
05043 Weathering profile on Peorian and Farmdale loess and Illinoian drift, Helm Skillet Fork section, southwest Marion County, Illinois Samples 7-9; No negative Pleistocene; Loess; Samples; Marion County More Info
02390 Thin section of a coal ball; part of the polished cut face is photographed by reflected light No negative Thin sections; Coal balls; Paleobotany More Info
03467 Pecopteris miltonii No negative Paleobotany; Fossils More Info
02085 Coal No. 6 near Christopher, Franklin County, Illinois No negative; No digital file created Photographs; Mines and mining; Coal; Underground mining; Coal No. 6; Franklin County Courtesy of Purity Coal Company; Bulletin 56, frontispiece; Report of Investigations 5, Figure 2 More Info
00576 Scene along the Mississippi River near Hamburg, Calhoun County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Mississippi River; Geomorphology; Calhoun County More Info
03666 Roots from Psaronius with Tylosis silicified coal balls, Effingham County, Illinois No negative Photomicrographs; Paleobotany; Coal balls More Info