Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No. Title Datesort descending Notes Keywords Added Entries
02336 Rock analytical laboratory in the Natural Resources Building No negative Photographs; Buildings; Natural Resources Building; University of Illinois; Laboratory Instruments McVicker, More Info
00310 Heave and lateral displacement of subsurface muck along fill near Mississippi valley bluffs, along Federal Aid Highway 14, southeast of East St. Louis, St. Clair County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Engineering geology; Highways; St. Clair County More Info
01682 Vitrain and clarain from Sunlight Coal Company, Boonville, Indiana slide and negative available Coal; Indiana Sunlight Coal Company More Info
04316 Pelletized fluorspar from Ozark-Mahoming mine, Rosiclare, Hardin County, Illinois No negative Photographs; Fluorspar More Info
05034 Weathering profile on Peorian and Farmdale loess and Illinoian gravel, Fayette County Vandalia section, 5.5 miles southwest of Vandalia; No negative Pleistocene; Loess; Samples; Fayette County More Info
00968 Junction of the Illinois and the Mississippi Rivers from Pere Marquette State Park No negative Photographs; Geomorphology; Mississippi River; Illinois River; Pere Marquette State Park More Info
02615 Thin section showing resina in coal No. 6, Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois magnified x250; No negative Thin sections; Herrin (No. 6) coal; Paleobotany; St. Clair County More Info
02267 Thin section of gray travertine from Niagaran Formation in southwest part of the Moulding-Brownell Company quarry near Thornton, Cook County, Illinois No negative Thin sections; Niagaran Formation; Cook County Moulding-Brownell Company More Info
00207 Sangamon soil beneath loess, Lee County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Soils; Loess; Pleistocene; Lee County Leighton, Morris M. More Info
01032 Joliet insoluble residues - foraminifera slide and negative available Paleontology; Insoluble residues; Joliet Formation More Info
02916 Thin sections of Mt. Olive and Staunton Drill Hole #113, coal no. 6, Benches II and IV No negative Thin sections; Coal chemistry and physics; Coal; Herrin (No. 6) coal; Macoupin County More Info
03273 Flowage rolls on base of loose slabs of Aux Vases Sandstone 0.9 miles south of McBride School, Monroe County, Illinois Section 4, T5S, R9W; slide and negative available Photographs; Outcrops; Geomorphology; Aux Vases Sandstone; Chesterian; Mississippian; Monroe County More Info
02545 Ottawa Silica Company quarry in St. Peter Sandstone, La Salle County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Mines and mining; Surface mining; St. Peter Sandstone; La Salle County Ottawa Silica Company More Info
02024 Till overlying glaciated rock surface, Fairmount, Vermilion County, Illinois No negative Photographs; Till; Pleistocene; Vermilion County More Info
00732 Illinois State Geological Survey field laboratory truck slide and negative available; See also glass slide 731, 733, 734, 735 Photographs; Field Apparatus; Laboratories More Info
00414 Surface equipment at the New Orient Mine #2 at West Frankfort, Franklin County, Illinois Slide and negative available Photographs; Coal mine and mining; Buildings; Apparatus; Franklin County Bulletin 56, Figure 2; New Orient Mine More Info
05101 Photomicrograph of Baldwin Reef Wash at depth 1650 (?) feet C2952; Core sample from depth 1650 (?) feet Photomicrograph; Core sample; More Info
05056 Glacial boulders on Iowan drift south of Bassett, Chickasaw County, Iowa No negative Photographs; Glacial deposits; Iowa More Info
00985 Natural History Museum, Pere Marquette State Park No negative Photographs; Buildings; Pere Marquette State Park; Jersey County More Info
01439 Exposure of type Pleistocene section on south side of Farm Creek, Mackinaw Quadrangle, Tazewell County slide and negative available Photographs; Outcrops; Loess; Till; Pleistocene; Tazewell County More Info