Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No. Title Datesort descending Notes Keywords Added Entries
02587 Delta outwash deposit, showing iceward face, a channel cut through it by glacial waters, and morainal deposits slide and negative available Photographs; Geomorphology; Pleistocene More Info
02001 Street scene showing conditions during early development of oil field Oversize slide Photographs; Petroleum; More Info
00101 Concentrating tables for separating fine fluorspar from its ore slide and negative available Photographs; Fluorspar processing; Machinery More Info
00191 Coal ready for hoisting slide and negative available Photographs; Mines and mining; Coal; Underground mining; Machinery More Info
02884 Thin section of coal showing mineralized fusain - mineral silicon dioxide (SiO2) from a boulder of lithified fusain found in Missouri No negative Thin sections; Coal; Paleobotany; Missouri Wanless, H.R. More Info
05025 Railroad cut along Farm Creek, Tazewell County, Illinois, showing peat lying on Farmdale silt, beneath Iowa loess and Wisconsin till No negative Photographs; Outcrops; Pleistocene; Loess; Till; Tazewell County More Info
03457 Sigillaria mamillaris No negative Paleobotany; Fossils More Info
05105 Photomicrograph of Granite at depth 3218 feet Section 6, T47N, R2E, St. Louis Photomicrograph; Core sample More Info
03002 Towboat with four barges on the Illinois Waterway, Starved Rock Lock and Dan Freight is 4800 tons; Barges are 70 x 561 feet; slide and negative available Photographs; Barges; Towboats; Lock and dam; Illinois Waterway; La Salle County More Info
02667 Thin section of showing fusain in coal no. 5, Fulton County, Illinois magnified x50; No negative Thin sections; Coal; Springfield (No. 5) coal More Info
01068 Pit of the Ottawa Silica Company No negative Photographs; Mines and mining; Quarries; St. Peter sandstone; La Salle County Ottawa Silica Company More Info
00168 Oil sand as seen through a microscope slide and negative available Photographs; Oil sands More Info
00241 Interior of a glass furnace at the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, Alton, Madison County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Glass manufacturing; Madison County Owens-Illinois Glass Company More Info
03477 Lepidodendron selaginoides No negative Paleobotany; Fossils More Info
02853 View up the center of a derrick toward the kelly swivel, traveling block and crown pulley No negative Photographs; Drilling Apparatus; Petroleum; Derricks More Info
03098 Limestone sample which failed the sodium sulfate test by chipping and granulation (soundness test) No negative Limestone More Info
04834 Core showing white brachiopod zone over coralline Cedar Valley Limestone, crinoidal and bryozoan hash, Wapella East Pool, DeWitt County, Illinois No negative Core; Cedar Valley Limestone; Wapella East Pool; DeWitt County More Info
05097 13-ton skip at the New Orient Mine, West Frankfort, Illinois Coal mines and mining; Operations; Hoists; Machinery; New Orient Mine; CW & F Coal Company More Info
01186 Mass of oxidized Nebraskan till incorporated in unoxidized Kansan till, Havana Quadrangle, slide and negative available Photographs; Till; Pleistocene More Info
02614 Thin section showing resin rodlets in fusain magnified x15; No negative Thin sections; Coal; Paleobotany More Info