Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No. Title Datesort descending Notes Keywords Added Entries
02210 Thin section of resins in No. 6 coal, Nashville, Washington County, Illinois magnified x200; No negative Thin sections; Herrin (No. 6) Coal; Washington County More Info
02269 Thin section of gray travertine from the La Salle Formation in the Alpha Portland Cement Company quarry, La Salle County, Illinois No negative Thin sections; La Salle Formation; La Salle County Alpha Portland Cement Company More Info
03454 Neocalamites from Triassic of Germany No negative Paleobotany; Fossils; Triassic; Germany More Info
00342 Entrance to a mine tunnel in silica (tripoli) deposit slide and negative available Photographs; Mines and mining; Underground mining; Silica; Tripoli More Info
02001 Street scene showing conditions during early development of oil field Oversize slide Photographs; Petroleum; More Info
02622 Kettle hole near Palmyra, Wisconsin No negative Photographs; Geomorphology; Pleistocene; Wisconsin More Info
01206 Water in the Rosiclare Mine Rosiclare Mine; slide and negative available Photographs; Mines and mining; Fluorspar; Hardin County More Info
02191 Aerial photograph of Memorial Stadium, University of Illinois No negative Aerial photographs; University of Illinois More Info
02586 Exposure of West Chicago till grading into outwash, overlying earlier outwash in a large commercial gravel pit slide and negative available Photographs; Mines and mining; Sand and gravel; Pleistocene More Info
04319 Exposure of Lafayette gravel at Olive Branch, Alexander County, Illinois No negative Photographs; Outcrops; Sand and gravel; Alexander County More Info
05057 Dreikanter boulder, white quartzite, Iowan drift border No negative Photographs; Glacial deposits; Iowa Kay, G.E. More Info
01657 Photomicrograph of Ste. Genevieve oolite, from the Anna Stone Company magnified x4; No negative; No digital file created Photomicrograph; More Info
02857 Baker core barrel core drilling the Warner Caldwell-Ida Snyder no. 6 well No negative Photographs; Drilling Apparatus; Petroleum More Info
00705 Polished surface of Indian bead from Havana, Mason County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Archaeology; Indian Bead; Mason County More Info
03097 Etched limestone showing secondary silica No negative Limestone More Info
05102 Two Photomicrographs of Baldwin Reef C2972; Photomicrograph 5102a is from depth 1637 feet; Photomicrograph 5102b is from depth 1650 feet; Photomicrograph; Core sample; More Info
03428 Calamites No negative Paleobotany; Fossils More Info
05035 Weathering profile on Peorian and Farmdale loess and Illinoian gravel, Vandalia section Samples 1-3; No negative Pleistocene; Loess; Samples More Info
00103 Mine chutes for loading fluorspar slide and negative available Photographs; Fluorspar mines and mining; Machinery More Info
00732 Illinois State Geological Survey field laboratory truck slide and negative available; See also glass slide 731, 733, 734, 735 Photographs; Field Apparatus; Laboratories More Info