Photograph Catalog

Photo Call Number Title Date
5102 Outcrops in Christian, Crawford, Effingham, Fayette, Jefferson, Lawrence, Richland, Shelby, and Wabash counties, Illinois 1967 More Info
5103 Staff field trip to Thornton Quarry, Cook County 1997 More Info
5104 Cave-in-Rock, Hardin County, Illinois 1959 More Info
5105 Optical emision spectrometer 1980s More Info
5106 Illinois River near Ottawa 1967 More Info
5107 Jack Simon Retirement 1982 More Info
5108 Fluorspar specimen 1968 More Info
5109 J Harlan Bretz More Info
5110 OMI River Boat 1978 More Info
5111 Wayne Meents at the Eldorado Oil Field 1955 More Info
5112 Fluorspar mine More Info
5113 Electrical Earth Resistivity Instruments 1954 More Info
5114 ISGS Neutron logger More Info
5115 Photograph collection of the ISGS Oil Department - Album A 1900 More Info
5116 Krup Bucket Wheel Excavator at a Peabody Coal Mine More Info
5117 Peabody Coal Company Mine No. 10, Christian County, Illinois 1952 More Info
5118 No. 6 Coal outcrop along Interstate 474, Peoria County, Illinois 1980 More Info


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