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Photo Call Number Title Date
5022 Broken curb in pavement Decatur, reported due to longwall mining M & C Co., Macon County More Info
5023 Breaks in ball park due to subsidence from coal mining, Dewmaine, Williamson County. More Info
5024 Land subsidence over a room in the O'Gara Coal Company No. 7 mine, Saline County. More Info
5025 Crack in soil caused by pillar & room mining at shallow depth, Streator. More Info
5026 Repaired railroad trestle on C.B. & Q branch at West Frankfort, Franklin County, damaged due to subsidence at the Old Ben Mine More Info
5027 Looking northwest toward the east end of a barn at the Old Ben no. 8 mine sagging due to subsidence from coal mining, West Frankfort, Franklin County More Info
5028 Sag in pasture, Belleville, Illinois More Info
5029 Franconia strata in quarry at Oregon, Illinois 1952 More Info
5030 Trempealeau dolomite in quarry at Prairie Star School, Ogle County, Illinois 1952 More Info
5031 Trempealeau and Gunter dolomites in quarry, Lee County, Illinois 1952 More Info
5032 Gunter and Oneota dolomites in quarry, Lee County, Illinois 1952 More Info
5033 Field test on the use of fibre pipe as a substitute for steel in cementing oil wells 1942 More Info
5034 Field trip, Alto Pass 1965 More Info
5035 Field trip, Amboy 1962 More Info
5036 Field trip, Belvidere 1963 More Info
5037 Field trip, Bourbonnais 1967 More Info
5038 Field trip, Carbondale - Grand Tower 1955 More Info
5039 Field trip, Carrollton 1957 More Info
5040 Field trip, Charleston 1961 More Info
5041 Field trip, Chester 1964 More Info


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