Photograph Catalog

Photo Call Number Title Date
0302 Prominent jointing in the Vienna Limestone 1961 More Info
0303 Asymmetrical current ripple marks overlying weak current laminations 1961 More Info
0304 Micro-cross laminations in Hardinsburg Sandstone 1961 More Info
0305 Sole markings on Caseyville Sandstone 1961 More Info
0306 Large cross-bedded unit overlying horizontal bedding in thick channel phase of Degonia Sandstone 1961 More Info
0307 "Lafayette" Formation-conglomerate close-up 1961 More Info
0308 Samples showing interlaminated siltstones and shales in McLeansboro (Pennsylvanian) sediments 1961 More Info
0309 Air-permeameter used to measure variations in permeability with direction 1961 More Info
0310 Clay brick extrusion machine in Room 5 1960 More Info
0311 Particle size determination by air flotation apparatus. 1961 More Info
0312 Differential thermal analysis apparatus for the mineralogical study of clays 1961 More Info
0313 Ultrasonic generator for the dispersion of clays 1961 More Info
0314 X-ray diffraction instrument, in room 321 1960 More Info
0315 Paleontology laboratory 1960 More Info
0316 Composite picture of the various functions of the Illinois State Geological Survey, in the shape of Illinois 1961 More Info
0317 Lutz Marble Quarry 1960 More Info
0318 Old Ben Coal Corporation, Mine 21. 1960 More Info
0319 Old Ben Coal Corporation, Mine No. 21 1960 More Info
0320 Old Ben Coal Corporation, Mine No. 21 1960 More Info
0321 Springfield Sand and Gravel Company 1960 More Info


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