Photograph Catalog

Photo Call Number Title Date
0282 Eldorado Oil Field 1960 More Info
0283 Goniophyllum pyramidole (Hisinger) 1960 More Info
0284 Specimen showing sole markings on Lusk Sandstone 1960 More Info
0285 Specimen showing laminated siltstone or fine sandstone from roof-lying unconformably on coal in 1st east entry off 1st south entry More Info
0286 Specimen showing cross-bedding in siltstone 1960 More Info
0287 Specimen showing current lineation in thin-bedded and fine-grained Caseyville Sandstone. 1960 More Info
0288 Specimen showing asymmetrical current ripples in Tradewater Sandstone obtained from roadside ditch 1960 More Info
0289 Specimen of underside of basal Caseyville orthoquartzitic sandstone showing unusual development of oriented load casts. 1960 More Info
0290 Specimen showing sole markings(small load casts?) on the underside of Grindstaff Sandstone (Pennsylvanian) 1960 More Info
0291 Specimen showing weakly oriented sole markings on thin-bedded limestone of Cincinnatian age (Ordovician) exposed in White Oak Creek 1960 More Info
0292 Specimen of galena showing characteristic cubic structure 1960 More Info
0293 Specimen of the Lafayette Formation - conglomerate 1960 More Info
0294 Specimen showing sphalerite and pyrite on dolomite, from the northwestern Illinois zinc-lead district. 1960 More Info
0295 Specimen showing botryoidal aggregate of marcasite 1960 More Info
0296 Specimen of Galesville Sandstone showing worm borings 1960 More Info
0297 Specimen of shale pebble conglomerate in the Palzo Sandstone from southern Illinois 1957 More Info
0298 Close-up of partially imbedded Mississippian blastoids and crinoid columnals 1960 More Info
0299 Specimen of Caseyville Conglomerate 1961 More Info
0300 "Rafted" coal in sandstone (Pennsylvanian) at the spillway of Crab Orchard Lake 1957 More Info
0301 Shale pebble conglomerate in the Hardinsburg Sandstone 1961 More Info


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