Maps and Field Notes Catalog

Call Number Title Date Author
3705 q3-1 Origin and destination of revenue rail shipments of bituminous coal from Indiana, western Kentucky, and from the Appalachian coal fields into the Illinois coal market area in 1932 1936 W. H. Voskuil More Info
3705 q3-2 Origin and ports of destination of Great Lakes cargo shipments of bituminous coal in 1932 1936 W. H. Voskuil More Info
3708 a-3 The United States 1975 Geological Survey (U.S.) More Info
3708 d5.1-1 Salient geologic features : bearing upon the comparative possibilities of future petroleum development 1942 ? Geo. F. Kelly More Info
3708 d5.4-1 Pleistocene eolian deposits of the United States, Alaska, and parts of Canada 1952 Compiled by National Research Council, Committee for the Study of Eolian Deposits, Division of Geology and Geography, James Thorp and H.T.U. Smith, co-chairmen. With cooperation of ... State and Provincial soil and geological surveys of the United States and Canada More Info
3708 p3-1 Geographically correct map of the United States 1971 More Info
3710 d5.1-1 Geological highway map of the Northeastern region: Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, New York, Vermont. 1976 compiled by Allan P. Bennison More Info
3710 i5.1-1 Rolled - R Coalification Map overlays on Base of North Eastern U. S. 1972 H. H. Damberger More Info
3730 d5-1 Folded - F Generalized geologic map of Maine, 1972. 1972 Arthur M. Hussey More Info
3740 d5.1-1 Geologic map of New Hampshire 1955 Marland Pratt Billings More Info
3740 d5.6-1 Surficial geology of New Hampshire 1950 James Walter Goldthwait More Info
3750 d5.1-1 Centennial geologic map of Vermont 1961 C.G. Doll, W.M. Cady, J.B. Thompson, Jr., and M.P. Billings More Info
3750 d5.1-2 Folded - F Generalized geologic map of Vermont 1970 More Info
3750 d5.6-1 Surficial geologic map of Vermont 1970 compiled by Charles G. Doll ; geology by David P. Stewart and Paul MacClintock More Info
3760 d5.1-1 Bedrock geologic map of Massachusetts 1983 More Info
3780 d2-1 Folded - F Bedrock geological map of Connecticut 1985 compiled by John Rodgers More Info
3780 d3-1 Ground-water availability in Connecticut : 1978 1978 Daniel B. Meade More Info
3790 d5-1 Rolled - R Paleoenvironmental maps of Pennsylvanian rocks, Northern Appalachian Basin 1965? by H. R. Wanless, et al. More Info
3790 d5-2 Correlation chart of Pennsylvanian strata in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Maryland 1965? by H. R. Wanless, et al. More Info
3790 d5-3 Correlation diagrams of the Lower Allegheny Series in the Northern Appalachian Basin 1965? by H. R. Wanless, et al. More Info


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