Maps and Field Notes Catalog

Call Number Title Date Author
3700 i9-2 United States, water resource development 1963 More Info
3700 j3-3 Soil associations of the United States 1938 map drafted by Robert F. Turnure ; United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, Soil Survey Division More Info
3700 j3-5 Patterns of soil orders and suborders of the United States 1967 United States. Soil Conservation Service More Info
3700 k2-1 Forest regions of the United States, listing the principal trees of each region 1938 W.R. Mattoon More Info
3700 n3-3 Major components of the U.S. coal fired electric power company. 1987 More Info
3700 n9-2 United States of America : national parks and monuments, national forests, Indian reservations, wildlife refuges, public lands, and historical boundaries 1964 Geological Survey (U.S.) More Info
3700 p4-1 Principal natural gas pipe lines in the United States : and communities served with natural, manufactured, and mixed gas 1947 More Info
3700 p4-2 Principal natural gas pipe lines in the United States : and communities served with natural, manufactured, and mixed gas 1943 More Info
3700 p4-3 Natural gas pipelines in the United States, as of July 1951 1951 Ford, Bacon, and Davis More Info
3700 p4-4 Major natural gas pipelines as of December 31, 1963 [1964] Federal Power Commission More Info
3700 v-1 Formation correlator of the United States 1960 More Info
3700 y-1 Chronology of state geological surveys 1950 M.M. Leighton More Info
3700 y-2 U.S. consumption of energy in tons of coal equivalent 1973 More Info
3700 y-3 Folded - F Correlation of stratigraphic units in North America 1983-1988 American Association of Petroleum Geologists ; project directors, Orlo E. Childs, Grant Steele, Amos Salvador ; chart editor, F. Alan Lindberg More Info
3702 b1-1 Rolled - R [Base map showing state boundaries of United States from eastern Pennsylvania to Rocky Mountain Front in Colorado; from Canada to Gulf of Mexico] 1954 Calkins More Info
3703 d5.1-1 Geological highway map of the State of Alaska and the State of Hawaii. 1974 compiled by Allan P. Bennison More Info
3705 d2-1 Folded - F Ecological units of the eastern United States : first approximation 1995 map constructed by USDA Forest Service, Southern Region Geometronics, Eastern Region, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry, Northeastern and North Central Forest Experiment Stations, Southern Research Office, Washington Office ; compiled by James E. Keys ... [et al.] More Info
3705 d5.2-1 Regional index map, showing Canadian shield area, Illinois basin, Appalachian core; or crystalline rocks, upper Carboniferous, lower Carboniferous 1958 P.E. Potter More Info
3705 d5.3-1 Map showing the thickness and character of Quaternary sediments in the glaciated United States east of the Rocky Mountains : Northern Great Lake states and central Mississippi Valley states, the Great Lakes, and southern Ontario 1988 David R. Soller More Info
3705 i5.1-1 Coalification Patterns of Pennsylvanian Coal Basins of the Eastern United States 1974 H. H. Damberger More Info


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