Maps and Field Notes Catalog

Call Number Title Date Author
3920 HA-20 Folded - F Ground-water pollution susceptibility map of Georgia 1992 by Victoria P. Trent More Info
3930 d5.1-1 Geologic map of Florida 1929 C. Wythe Cooke and Stuart Massom More Info
3930 MS 37 Folded - F The pH of water in Florida streams and canals 1970 by Matthew I. Kaufman More Info
3930 MS 42 Folded - F Depth to base of potable water in the Floridan aquifer 1971 by Howard Klein More Info
3940 d2-1 Geology and topography of the suballuvial surface Yazoo Basin, lower Mississippi Valley 1967 compiled by R.T. Saucier and C.R. Kolb More Info
3940 d5.7-1 [Geothermal gradient maps of North America] : Kentucky-Tennessee 197? More Info
3950 a-1 Map of Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Paducah, Kentucky 1995 Jacobs Engineering Group More Info
3950 b1-10 Coordinate map of Kentucky 1950 A.C. McFarlan and D.J. Jones More Info
3950 b1-12 Base map of Western Kentucky Coal Basin 1938 compiled by R.E. Knipe (geologist) and F.E. Moran (engineer) from data of State Department of Mines and Minerals More Info
3950 b1-15 Outline map showing faults: Princeton quadrangle 1923 Stuart Weller More Info
3950 b1-3 The Rand-McNally new commercial atlas map of Kentucky. More Info
3950 b1-4 Geographic map of Kentucky showing geologic boundaries in outline and county seat elevations 1924 Lucien M. Sellier More Info
3950 b1-9 Preliminary county map of Kentucky 1887 Joseph Bernard Hoeing; John Robert Procter More Info
3950 b2-1 Lee-Caseyville-Tradewater-Mansfield petrographic grid [for Kentucky] 1956 R. Siever More Info
3950 b8-1 Satellite image of western Kentucky: parts of Tell City and Jasper 1:100,000 quadrangles. 1976 More Info
3950 b8-2 Satellite image of western Kentucky: parts of Madisonville and Beaver Dam 1:100,000 quadrangles. 1976 More Info
3950 d2-1 Relief map, state of Kentucky 1924 Jno. H. Renshawe More Info
3950 d2.1-1 Folded - F Generalized geologic bedrock conditions as related to solid-waste landfills in Kentucky 1990 compiled by Martin C. Noger More Info
3950 d3-2 Streams of Kentucky 1955 More Info
3950 d3-3 Groundwater basins in the Mammoth Cave region, Kentucky 1981 James Francis Quinlan and Joseph A Ray More Info


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