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Call Number Title Date Author
3890 i5.2-1 Map of West Virginia showing major limestone areas and sample localities 1939 Charles E. Hare More Info
3890 i8-2 Oil and gas fields of West Virginia : showing gas storage fields, pipelines, gasoline plants, propane plants, compressor stations, refineries, structural axes, depths to producing zones, and important wildcat wells 1970 revised by D.H. Carwell ... et al. More Info
3890 i8-3 Map of oil and gas fields of West Virginia : with locations of gas storage fields, pipe-lines, gasoline plants, propane plants, compressor stations, refineries, axes of anticlines and synclines and depths to producing horizons. 1962 W.K. Overbey and R.C. tucker More Info
3890 v-1 Tentative correlation of the named geologic units of West Virginia 1929 compiled by M. Grace Wilmarth More Info
3890 WV 12 Folded - F Fresh and saline ground-water map of West Virginia 1980 James B. Foster More Info
3890 WV 24 Folded - F Mineral resources of West Virginia 1987 compiled by Hobert M. King and Dewey S. Kirstein More Info
3890 WV 25 Folded - F Bouguer gravity map of West Virginia 1987 Byron R. Kulander, Stuart L. Dean, with contribution by Dennis S. Hodge More Info
3890 WV 34 Folded - F Devonian shale fields and pools in West Virginia showing well locations, initial potentials, and frequency of completion 1988 Michael Ed. Hohn and Kimberly J. Timberlake More Info
3892 d5-1 Map II of Ohio, Brooke, and Hancock counties showing general and economic geology 1938 R.C. Tucker More Info
3893 d3-1 Folded - F Ground-water hydrology of the Potomac River Basin, West Virginia 1973 W.A. Hobba, Jr., E.A. Friel, and J.L. Chisolm More Info
3893 i5.1-1 Folded - F Geology and tonnage of coal seams in Preston County, West Virginia 1986 compiled by T. R. Jake ... et al. More Info
3898 i5.1-2 Property map of southern West Virginia south of the Kanawha and Elk rivers and adjacent areas in eastern Kentucky and Virginia, showing coal land holdings of the various mining companies in the high and low volatile bituminous coal fields 1935 compiled and delineated by Leon P. Richards More Info
3898 i5.1-3 [Coalification map of Fayette County, West Virginia] 1952 G.H. Cady More Info
3900 c5-1 Folded - F Index to surficial-geologic mapping 1895-1982, geophysical mapping, geologic fieldtrip guide books, groundwater reports in North Carolina 1982 revised by Rebecca Enos More Info
3900 d5.1-3 Geologic map of North Carolina 1985 compiled by the North Carolina Geological Survey More Info
3902 RGS 2 Folded - F Geologic map of region G, North Carolina 1982 Carpenter, P. Albert More Info
3910 c5.2-3 Folded - F Index [to] surficial geologic mapping 1856-1984, geologic mapping in graduate theses, and geologic field trip guidebooks in South Carolina 1984 compiled by Lucille E. Kite More Info
3910 MS 21 Folded - F Simple Bouguer anomaly map of South Carolina 1975 by Pradeep Talwani, L. Timothy Long, S. R. Bridges More Info
3910 MS 6 Folded - F Generalized geologic map of South Carolina 1961 drafting by M. J. Green More Info
3920 d5.1-3 Geologic map of Georgia 1976 More Info


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