Maps and Field Notes Catalog

Call Number Title Date Author
3820 M-7 2000 Folded - F Geologic map of Pennsylvania. 2000 , More Info
3820 y-1 Reconstruction of a Pennsylvanian coal swamp 1991 Prickett, Alice More Info
3830 Misc-5 Folded - F Map of exposed and buried early Mesozoic rift basins/synrift rocks of the U.S. middle Atlantic Continental Margin 1992 by Richard N. Benson More Info
3840 d5.1-2 Geologic map of Maryland 1968 More Info
3840 n6-1 Folded - F Water use in Maryland 1983 Judith C. Wheeler More Info
3858 b3-1 Nation's capital area. [Washington D.C. and Chesapeake Bay regions] 1973 Geological Survey (U.S.); United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. More Info
3860 d-1 Tennessee River Basin 1933 More Info
3860 d5.1-1 Geological highway map of the southeastern region: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi. 1975 compiled by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists More Info
3860 i-1 Mineral resources of the Tennessee River Basin and adjoining areas 1933 More Info
3860 i5.1-1 Map showing outcrop of the coal-bearing units and land use in the Gulf Coast region 1997 compiled by Peter D. Warwick ... [et al.] ; digital compilation by John D. Tulley ; U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey More Info
3860 j3-1 Soil regions of the South 1947 More Info
3880 d2-2 State of Virginia : shaded relief 1957 More Info
3880 d5.1-5 Folded - F Geologic map of Virginia. 1987 Virginia. Division of Mineral Resources. More Info
3880 d5.1-6 Geologic map of Virginia. 1993 Virginia. Division of Mineral Resources.; Cooperative Geological Mapping Program (U.S.); Geological Survey (U.S.) More Info
3880 d9-1 Gravity map of Virginia : simple Bouguer anomaly 1977 by Stanley S. Johnson More Info
3880 i-1 Mineral resources of Virginia 1971 D.C. LeVan and W.B. Harris More Info
3888 i5.1-1 Rolled - R Maps of coal seam outcrops along the border of Kentucky and Virginia, near St. Charles, VA by the Peabody Coal Company More Info
3888 i5.1-2 Rolled - R Map showing outcrop line for Coal no. 5, 12, & 10, and probable line for Coal no. 7 in the Black Mountain area, Harlan County, KY and Lee County, VA 1953 More Info
3888 i5.1-3 Rolled - R Property map of Peabody Coal Company and Great Heart Coal Company, with coal no. 5 outcrop outlined in red, Harlan County, Kentucky and Lee County, Virginia 1953 by Peabody Coal Company More Info
3888 i5.1-4 Rolled - R Map of the lands of the Black Mountain Coal Corporation, Harland County, KY, and Lee County, VA by W.W. Cox More Info


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