Coalification Patterns of Pennsylvanian Coal Basins of the Eastern United States

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3705 i5.1-1
H. H. Damberger
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16 sheets
Final figures for Geological Society of America Special Paper 153; Sheet 1-Cross section through Ruhr Basin, West Germany, showing the Sonnenschein coal seam, depicts interrelation between folding and faulting of beds and isoranks Fig. 1; Sheet 2-In the Merlenbach anticline, Saar coal district, West Germany and the northwestern limbs of the adjacent Marienau syncline, Lorraine, France, indicates folding and maturing of the coal were simultaneous.; Sheet 3-Borehole of Kieghutte #2, Saar coal district Fig. 3; Sheet 4-Coalification pattern of the Rhine-Ruhr coal district, West Germany, as depicted by isoranks on the Sonnenschein coal seam, 1962 Fig. 4; Sheet 5-The Brahmsche Massif of northwestern Germany, a deep seated basic igneous intrusion; Oil fields are restricted to carbon ratios below 70 to 60 (1968) Fig. 5; Sheets 6-8-Coalification pattern of Pennsylvanian coal basins of the eastern U. S.; Fig. 6--data rank refers to Herrin (No. 6); Fig. 7--data plotted regardless of stratigraphic age of coals that occur near surface; Sheet 9-Rank changes with depth less than normal where thick sandstones occur in boreholes or cross section as first measured in borehole Teufelspforte, Saar coal district Fig 8; Sheet 10-Mattauer and others (1972) suggested extension of the Tizi n' Test strike-slip fault of Morocco into the North American continent in pre-continental drift times. Stippled area indicates late Paleozoic fold belt Fig 9; Sheet 11-Coalification pattern of Herrin (No. 6) coal member and its relation to the tectonic structure of the Illinois Basin Fig 10; Sheet 12-Shows outlines of a positive gravity anomaly in northern Mississippi Embayment that extends into the southern portion of the Illinois Basin. Fig. 10A; Sheet 13-In a north-south cross section through the southern portion of the Illinois Basin, the isoranks have a somewhat greater dip than the strata Fig. 11; Sheet 14-Change of rank with relative depth for the Illinois Basin. Rank is expressed either by inherent seam moisture or calorific value of moist, mineral-matter-free coal. Fig. 12; Sheet 15-Inherent seam moisture and calorific value on the moist, mineral-matter-free; Data are from face channel samples of Illinois coals. Fig. 13; Sheet 16-Change of fixed carbon contents of dry, ash-free coal with relative depth German coal fields. Fig. 14;
Coal--Pennsylvanian coal basins--Eastern United States
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Geological Society of America Special Paper 153


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