Cross sections in the mid-continent

Call Number: 
3300 t-1
compiled by D.N. Mugel
Map Description: 
1 sheet ; hand-drawn, color : 126 x 79 cm.
6 cross sections of the mid-continent shown at 36° latitude (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee); 38° latitude (Kansas, MIssouri, Illinois); 40° latitude (Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois); 42° latitude (Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois); 44° latitude (South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin); 46° latitude (North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan); Show basement topography, uplifts,basins, stratigraphy of lithologic units
Mid-continent geology; Geology, stratigraphic Bedrock topography
Horizontal scale 1:2,500,000; Vertical scale 1:30,000; Vertical exageration 83.3x


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