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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Chryssafopoulos, H.W.S. #1 Identification of young tills and study of some of their engineering properties in the greater Chicago area. 1963 Chryssafopoulos, Hanka Wanda Sobczak, More Info
MS Chrzastowski, M.J. #1 Nearshore lake-bottom morphology along Chicago's northside lake front : Wilson Avenue groin to Ohio Street Beach 1989 Chrzastowski, Michael J., More Info
MS Chrzastowski, M.J. #2 Notes for Interim 4 Lake Michigan shoreline study at North Point Marina and Illinois Beach State Park 1995 Chrzastowski, Michael J. More Info
MS Chrzastowski, M.J. #3 Draft plan drawings for Illinois Beach State Park shoreline protection : north boundary to Camp Logan headland 1999 Chrzastowski, Michael J. More Info
MS Chrzastowski, M.J. #4 Near and Far Sciences for Illinois, Geology Workshop Region 7 (Chicago) 1997 Chrzastowski, Michael J. More Info
MS Church, N.K. #1 Lithostratigraphy and carbonate - evaporite petrology of the Middle Devonian Wapsipinicon Formation in Iowa. 1967 Church, Norman K., More Info
MS Cisneros, L.A. #1 Regional paleoenvironmental analysis of Coeval Upper Ordovician epieric sea carbonates in the North American Midcontinent 1988 Cisneros, Lee Anne More Info
MS Civil Works Administration #1 Civil Works Administration reports , More Info
MS Clark, C.P. #1 Non-matrix corrected organic sulfur determination in coal by energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy 1984 Clark, Carol Petrie More Info
MS Clark, C.R. #1 Study of some connate oil-field waters 1928 Clark, C.R., More Info
MS Clark-McCracken, C.M. #1 Evidence for Devonian tectonic activity in the LaSalle deformation belt, Central Illinois Basin 1997 Clark-McCracken, Christine Marie More Info
MS Clay, J.O. #1 Electric resistivity study of the Pennsylvanian underclays of the Illinois Basin 1948 Clay, John Otis, More Info
MS Cleary, J.W. #1 A laboratory study of the elastic properties of sandstone 1959 Cleary, Jr., James M., More Info
MS Cleaveland, T.H. #1 Geostatistical analysis of the facies and thickness variation in the Brereton Limestone and the Anna Shale in part of southwestern Illinois 1983 Cleaveland, Thomas H., More Info
MS Clegg, K.E. #1 Metamorphism of coal by peridotite dikes in Southern Illinois 1953 Clegg, K.E., More Info
MS Cluff, R.M. #1 Paleoecology and depositional environment of the Mowry Shale (Albian), Black Hills region 1976 Cluff, Robert Murri, More Info
MS Cluff, R.M. #2 Digital Processing of LANDSAT Imagery to Map Surface Mining and Reclamation 1980 Cluff, Robert M., More Info
MS Cobb, J.C. #1 Sedimentology of an outwash fan deposit in the Woodfordian (Late Wisconsinan) of northeastern Illinois 1974 Cobb, James C., More Info
MS Coch, C.A. #1 The origin of Midwestern Loess : Scanning Electron Microscope Study of Loess from Illinois and Kansas 1972 Coch, Carol A., More Info
MS Cohee, G.V. #1 Regional lithologic study of the Hanover and Brereton limestones 1932 Cohee, G.V., More Info


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