Manuscript Catalog

Call Number Title Date Author
MS Voskuil, W.H. #11 Economic Aspects of the Fluorspar Industry 1936 Voskuil, W.H More Info
MS Voskuil, W.H. #13 Nonmetallic minerals Voskuil, W.H. More Info
MS Voskuil, W.H. #3 New home building movement with special reference to ceramic materials and other structural materials 1933 Voskuil, Walter H., More Info
MS Voskuil, W.H. #4 Effect of bituminous coal code upon the Illinois coal industry 1933 Voskuil, Walter H., More Info
MS Voskuil, W.H. #5 Economic position of the stripper well 1934 Voskuil, Walter H., More Info
MS Vukovich, J.W. #1 Hydrostratigraphic units of the surficial deposits of east-central Illinois 1967 Vukovich, John William, More Info
MS Waddell, R.K. #1 Patoka oil field, Marion County, Illinois. 1941 Waddell, Richard Kent, More Info
MS Wagner, O.E. #1 Fauna of the Silurian rocks of northern Illinois 1929 Wagner, Oscar Emil, Jr., More Info
MS Wahl, F.M. #1 A Petrographic Study of the Underclay of the No. 5 coal in Illinois 1957 Wahl, F.M., More Info
MS Waldo, A.W. #1 Lonsdale Limestone and its fauna in Illinois 1928 Waldo, A.W., More Info
MS Waldo, P.G. #1 Little Cache dam no. 8: an application of the geologic approach to rock mechanics to a problem in geotechnical engineering 1983 Waldo, Peter G., More Info
MS Walker, J.T. #1 Bibliography of the Chester Series in Illinois 1957 Walker, John T., More Info
MS Walker, M.E. #1 Petrology of the limestones of the Renault Formation (Mississippian System) from southwestern Illinois and southeastern Missouri 1985 Walker, Monte E., More Info
MS Walker, W.H. #1 Report of a Groundwater Quality Deterioration Study in the Vicinity of the Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc. Mine Near Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois Walker, W.H., More Info
MS Walpole, R.L. #1 Microfacies study of the Rundle Group, front ranges, central Alberta 1961 Walpole, Robert Leonard, More Info
MS Walter, G.H. #1 Preliminary Report on Strip Coal Mining in Illinois 1941 Walter, George H., More Info
MS Walters, M.J. #1 Regional variation in grain size in the Aux Vases (Mississippian) Sandstone 1958 Walters, Mathias Joseph, More Info
MS Wang, H. #1 Climate and habitat reconstruction of hominid sites in northern China with paleosol stable isotopes 1996 Wang, Hong, More Info
MS Wanless, H.R. #11 Coals of the Eastern Interior Basin 1937 Wanless, Harold R., More Info
MS Wanless, H.R. #12 Stratigraphy of the Caseyville and Tradewater groups of Illinois 1952 Wanless, Harold R., More Info


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