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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Bronkhorst, D. #1 Some applications of statistical analysis in ore exploration 1961 Bronkhorst, Daniel, More Info
MS Brophy, J.A. #1 Mineralogy of Sangamon weathering profiles 1958 Brophy, John A., More Info
MS Brossman, J.J. #1 Surficial geology of Kendall County, Illinois 1982 Brossman, James J., More Info
MS Brower, R.D. #1 Hard part morphology of Oeraster Reticulatus 1969 Brower, Ross Dean, More Info
MS Brown, M.A. #1 Depositional and diagenetic history of a Middle Mississippian shoal and related facies, Salem Limestone, Lawrence County, Indiana 1987 Brown, Mark A, More Info
MS Brown, T.C. #1 Molecular fossils in Devonian black shales of Laurentia 2003 Brown, Todd C., More Info
MS Brown, W.J. #1 Geology and mineral deposits of the Bauer mine and vicinity, Jo Daviess County, Illinois 1970 Brown, William J, More Info
MS Brownfield, R.L. #1 Structural history of the Centralia area, Illinois 1955 Brownfield, Robert Lee, More Info
MS Brownlee, M.E. Stable carbon and oxygen isotopes of carbonate coal balls and associated carbonates of the Illinois Basin 1975 Brownlee, Mary Elizabeth More Info
MS Buchanan, D.M. #1 Carbonate petrology of the Negli Creek Limestone Member, Kinkaid Formation (Chesterian) in southern Illinois 1985 Buchanan, Douglas Mithell, More Info
MS Buckley, N.A. #1 Gullying in western Iowa : human induced environmental changes, effect upon runoff, consequent gullying in a loess mantled youthful landscape ; with evidence provided by soil genesis, stratigraphy, sedimentation, and geomorphic surfaces 1977 Buckley, Norman A., More Info
MS Buckley, S.B. #1 Study of post-Pleistocene Ostracod distribution in the soft sediments of southern Lake Michigan 1975 Buckley, Susan Bosworth, More Info
MS Buhle, M.B. #1 Groundwater supplies in the vicinity of the Tri-cities of Davenport, Iowa; Rock Island and Moline, Illinois 1935 Buhle, Merlyn B. (Merlyn Boyd), More Info
MS Burk, M.K. #1 Facies and depositional environments of the Energy Shale (Pennsylvanian) in southwestern Jefferson County, Illinois 1982 Burk, Mitchell Keith, More Info
MS Buschbach, T.C. #1 Lithology and distribution of the Chouteau limestone in Illinois 1951 Buschbach, Thomas Charles, More Info
MS Buschbach, T.C. #2 Stratigraphy of Cambrian and Ordovician formations of northeastern Illinois 1959 Buschbach, Thomas Charles More Info
MS Buschbach, T.C. #3 Geology of Alto Pass and Vicinity 1949 Buschbach, Thomas Charles, More Info
MS Bushman, E.F. #1 Studies of the insoluble residues of the Middle and Upper Devonian limestones of southwestern Illinois 1941 Bushman, Edwin Francis, More Info
MS Byers, C.W. #1 Biogenic structures of black shale paleoenvironments 1973 Byers, Charles Wesley, II More Info
MS Cady, G.H. #1 Conditions relative to fracture, Du Quoin area Report on the meetings of the Glossary Committee of the International Commission of Coal Petrology in London, June 4-8, 1956 1930 Cady, Gilbert Haven, More Info


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