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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Birch, M.J. #1 Relationship of the basal "Big Lime" gas producing zone to the Lower Newman Limestone (Mississippian) of the Hyden West Pool area, Leslie County, Kentucky 1980 Birch, Michael Joseph, More Info
MS Bird, J.M. #1 Use of subsurface flowmeter and fluid density analyzer for studying fluid flow in producing and injection wells 1961 Bird, James M., H. M. Bullard More Info
MS Bird, S.R. #1 Lithologic thickness variations of the Brereton Limestone in southwestern Illinois 1981 Bird, Shane R., More Info
MS Black, N.R. #1 Petrography and diagenesis of the Galena (Middle Ordovician) - Maquoketa (Late Ordovician) contact and the basal Maquoketa phosphorites in eastern Missouri and easter Iowa, U.S.A. 1985 Black, Nancy R., More Info
MS Bleuer, N.K. #1 Geology of the southeast quarter of the Shelbyville Illinois, quadrangle 1967 Bleuer, Ned Kermit, More Info
MS Boardman, R.S. #1 The description of insoluble residues of the Jackson quadrangle, Wyoming 1948 Boardman, Richard S., More Info
MS Bodus, T.M. #1 Clay fabric and clay mineralogy of Pennsylvanian shales, above the Herrin Coal, southern Illinois 1987 Bodus, Theresa M., More Info
MS Bogner, J.E. #1 Regional relations of the Lemont drift 1973 Bogner, Jean Ellen, More Info
MS Boley, C.C. #1 An analysis of the separation of coal into low-density and high-density fractions on an concentrating table 1947 Boley, C. C., More Info
MS Bond, D.C. #1 Pollution controls related to the oil and gas producing industry in the Illinois Basin 1972 Bond, Donald C., More Info
MS Bond, D.C. #2 Hydrodynamic potential and flow in the "Basal Sandstone" of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio 1976 Bond, Donald C., More Info
MS Bond, D.C. #3 Summary - Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois 1976 Bond, Donald C., Thomas C. Buschbach More Info
MS Bond, D.C. #4 Illinois oil production and reserves, a statement prepared for the Illinois Energy Resources Commission 1975 Bond, Donald C., T. F. Lawry, J. Van Den Berg More Info
MS Bond, D.C. #5 Recent Oil and Gas Activities in the Illinois Basin 1970 Bond, Donald C. More Info
MS Booker, F.W. #1 Oversize Studies in Permian sedimentation in the Sydney Basin, with appendix ; The Pennsylvanian system in the United States of America 1956 Booker, F.W. More Info
MS Boos, C.M. #1 Geology of the Dongola quadrangle 1921 Boos, C. M., More Info
MS Bork, K.B. #1 Bryozoa (Ectoprocta) of Champlainian age (Middle Ordovician) from northwestern Illinois, northeastern Iowan and southwestern Wisconsin 1967 Bork, Kennard Baker, More Info
MS Bosse, M.K. #1 Diagenesis and petrology of the Cypress Sandstone in hydrocarbon producing areas of central Illinois Basin 1986 Bosse, Mark K., More Info
MS Bounk, M.J. #1 Petrology and depositional environment of the Bainbridge Limestone (Middle and Upper Silurian) of southeast Missouri and southwest Illinois 1975 Bounk, Michael Joseph, More Info
MS Boylan, J.S. #1 Final report on SMA/BCR tentative standard procedure for testing and evaluating bituminous stoker coals 1953 Boylan, Joseph S., More Info


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