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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Avcin, M. J. #2 Des Moinesian conodont assemblages from the Illinois Basin 1974 Avcin, Matthew John, Jr., More Info
MS Avcin, M.J. #1 Stratigraphic and environmental study of the Summum (No. 4) and the Springfield (No. 5) Coals, and the intervening strata in south central Illinois 1969 Avcin, Matthew John, Jr., More Info
MS Bach, T.J. #1 Geologic features and their application for land use planning, Madison county, Illinois 1975 Bach, Terrence J, More Info
MS Badiozamani, K. #1 The Dorag dolomitization model : application to the Middle Ordovician of Wisconsin 1972 Badiozamani, Khosrow, More Info
MS Bailey, L.T. #1 Lower Pennsylvanian (Upper Caseyville-Lower Abbott) depositional environments in southwestern Jackson County, Illinois 1975 Bailey, Loren T., More Info
MS Bain, H.F. #1 Relations of the Wisconsin and Kansan drift sheets in central Iowa and related phenomena 1897 Bain, H. Foster, More Info
MS Bakush, S.H. #1 Carbonate microfacies, depositional environments and diagenesis of the Galena Group (Middle Ordovician) along the Mississippi River (Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri), U.S.A. 1985 Bakush, Sadeg H., More Info
MS Baldwin, D.E. #1 Paleozoic Conodonts in the Wisconsinan Tills of the Champaign-Urbana Moraine 1969 Baldwin, Dorothy Esther More Info
MS Balek, C.L. #1 A reassessment of the genesis of the Sangamon stone line and texture contrast profile in McDonough County, western Illinois 1995 Balek, Cynthia L., More Info
MS Balek, C.L. #2 Pleistocene stratigraphy of central and western McDonough County, Illinois as interpreted from certain deep borings 1987 Balek, Cynthia L, More Info
MS Ball, C.G. #1 The mineral constituents of coal no. 6 in the New Orient Mine, Franklin County, Illinois 1935 Ball, Clayton Garrett, More Info
MS Ball, J.R. #1 Carlinville quadrangle report. 1930 Ball, J.R. More Info
MS Ball, T.E. #1 Natural resource study : south-central region 1978 Ball, Terry E. More Info
MS Ballagh, T.M. #1 Type of B development front at the interface of an abrupt increase of calcium carbonate 1969 Ballagh, Thomas Michael, More Info
MS Banaee, J. #1 Microfacies and depositional environment of the Bailey Limestone (Lower Devonian) southwestern Illinois, U.S.A., a carbonate turbidite 1981 Banaee, Jila, More Info
MS Banaszak, K.J. #1 Genesis of the Mississippi Valley-type lead-zinc ores 1975 , Konrad J. Banaszak More Info
MS Bandy, J.C. #1 Geology of the McKinley pool, Washington County 1950 , J. C. Bandy More Info
MS Bandy, W.F. #1 Paleontology and stratigraphy of the Mattoon Formation (Pennsylvanian), Coles County, Illinois 1981 , William F. Bandy, Jr. More Info
MS Bang, H.W. #1 A Core flow study on the application of mud cleaning acid (MCA) in Aux Vases Sandstone 1990 Bang, Hwi W. (Wayne) and Dennis Haggerty More Info
MS Barclay, W. #1 The quarrying and dressing of limestone in northern Illinois 1887 , William Barclay More Info


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