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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Tubb, J.B. #1 Environmental study of stages within the Brereton Cyclothem of Illinois in the Eastern and part of the Western Interior Coal Basins. 1961 Tubb, J.B. Jr., More Info
MS Turner, R.S. #1 Biogeochemistry of trace elements in the McDonalds Branch Watershed, New Jersey Pine Barrens 1983 Turner, Robert Spilman, More Info
MS Tuttle, M.P. #1 Late Holocene earthquakes and their implications for earthquake potential of the New Madrid seismic zone, central United States 1999 Tuttle, Martitia Powell, More Info
MS Udegbunam, E.O. #1 A New Quantitative Method for Identifying and Characterizing Flow Units of Oil Reservoirs using Field and Outcrop Data from the Cypress Formation (Mississippian), Illinois 1993 Udegbunam, Emmanuel O. More Info
MS Utterback, D.D. #1 Silurian limestones of northeastern Illinois 1932 Utterback, D.D, More Info
MS Vadnais, R.R. #1 Quantitative terrain factors as related to soil parent materials and their engineering classification 1965 Vadnais, Raymond R., More Info
MS Vaiden, R.C. #1 A Possible paleo-overpressured sand in glacial deposits of central Illinois Vaiden, Robert C. More Info
MS Vaiden, R.C. #2 Draft report on the hydrogeological investigations for a supplemental groundwater supply for the Town of Normal, Illinois 1990 Vaiden, Robert C. More Info
MS Vaiden, R.C. #3 Summary of the Geology and Hydrogeology of Logan County, Illinois : A Preliminary Review for Groundwater Protection and General Land-Use Planning 1988 Vaiden, Robert C.; Kempton, John P. More Info
MS Vail, R.S. #1 Environmental Mapping of Some Lower Pennsylvanian Strata of a Small Area in Southern Illinois 1965 Vail, Ruth S., More Info
MS Van Biersel, T.P.V. #1 Hydrogeology and chemistry of an oil-field brine plume within a shallow aquifer system in southern Bond County, Illinois 1985 Van Biersel, Thomas P.V., More Info
MS Van Den Berg, J. #1 Pennsylvanian stratigraphy above the Shoal Creek limestone in Illinois 1956 Van Den Berg, Jacob, More Info
MS Van Horn, C.L. #1 Effects of a Silurian Reef on Mississippian and Pennsylvanian sediments 1956 Van Horn, C.L., More Info
MS Van Pelt, J.R. #1 Oil, gas, and coal possibilities, parts of Brighton Twp. , T7N, R9W, Macoupin County, Illinois 1931 Van Pelt, J.R., More Info
MS Van Pelt, J.R. #2 [Fossil localities and faunal lists], chiefly Mississippian, some Pennsylvanian Van Pelt, J. R., J. M. Weller More Info
MS Vineyard, W.L. #1 Geologic and economic aspects of water flooding the Ikemire-Henry leases, Main pool, Crawford County 1950 Vineyard, W.L., More Info
MS Von Bergen, D. #1 Microfacies, depositional environments and diagenesis of Atokan carbonates, Delaware Basin, Reeves County, Texas, U.S.A. 1985 Von Bergen, Donald, More Info
MS Von Bergen, D. #2 Natural and experimentally-simulated stylolitic porosity in carbonate rocks 1988 Von Bergen, Donald, More Info
MS Von Rhee, R.W. #1 Mode of deposition of Batestown till in east-central Illinois 1977 Von Rhee, Robert Weston, More Info
MS Voskuil, W.H. #10 Economic notes on sulfur 1951 Voskuil, Walter H., More Info


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