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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Stephens, R.M. #1 Factors in secondary recovery of petroleum by water flooding in Illinois 1948 Stephens, R.M., More Info
MS Stephens, R.M. #2 Factors in secondary recovery of petroleum by water flooding in Illinois 1949 Stephens, R.M., More Info
MS Stephenson, D.A. #1 Hydrogeology of glacial deposits associated with the buried Mahomet Bedrock Valley of East-Central Illinois 1965 Stephenson, David Arthur, More Info
MS Stepusin, S.M.R. #1 Vertical variations in the mineralogical and chemical composition of the underclay of the Herrin (No. 6) coal in southwestern Illinois 1978 Stepusin, Susan Margaret Rimmer, More Info
MS Stevens, D.F. #1 Tests of face brick from Illinois and other states 1940 Stevens, D.F., More Info
MS Stevenson, W.L. #1 Pennsylvanian conodonts of Illinois 1955 Stevenson, Wilbur Lloyd, More Info
MS Stohr, C.J. #1 Classification of infiltration characteristics of depressions in landfill covers using uncalibrated, thermal-infrared imagery 1996 Stohr, Christopher Joseph, More Info
MS Stone, J.E. #1 Pleistocene geology of Clark County, northeastern Missouri 1960 Stone, John Elmer, More Info
MS Storm, R.R. #1 Report on groundwater resources along the Pennsylvania Railroad in Illinois 1944 Storm, Robert R., Winfred D. Gerber, H.F. Smith More Info
MS Stricker, G.D. #1 Carbonate microfacies of the Pogonip Group (Lower Ordovician), Arrow Canyon Range, Clark County, Nevada 1973 Stricker, Gary Dale, More Info
MS Strunk, K.L. #1 Structural relationships of the Cottage Grove and Shawneetown fault system near Equality, Illinois, as inferred from geophysical data 1984 Strunk, Kevin Lee, More Info
MS Stumpf, A.J. #1 Late Quaternary ice flow, stratigraphy, and history of the Babine Lake-Bulkley River region, central British Columbia, Canada 2001 Stumpf, Andrew John, More Info
MS Stumpf, A.J. #2 Geologic mapping of glacial drift aquifers in the greater Chicago area of Illinois 2004 Stumpf, Andrew John, Ardith K. Hansel, Michael L. Barnhardt More Info
MS Stutzman, P.E. #1 Non-marine and marine influenced herrin coal and associated roof shales from southern Illinois : a mineralogical and statistical analysis 1983 Stutzman, Paul E., More Info
MS Styles, T.R. #1 Holocene and late Pleistocene geology of Napoleon Hollow archaeological site in lower Illinois River valley 1984 Styles, Thomas Richard, More Info
MS Sullivan, A.E. #1 Middle and late Wisconsin paleoecology of western Illinois and northcentral Iowa 1986 Sullivan, Amy E., More Info
MS Susong, B.I. #1 Subsurface Studies of Pennsylvanian Sandstone on the Western Side of the Illinois Basin 1955 Susong, B.I., More Info
MS Swackhamer, D.L. #1 Role of water-particle partitioning and sedimentation in controlling the fate and transport of PCBs in lakes 1985 Swackhamer, Deborah Liebl, More Info
MS Swade, J.W. #1 Conodont distribution, paleoecology and preliminary biostratigraphy of the Upper Cherokee and Marmaton Groups (Upper DesMoinesian, Middle Pennsylvanian) 1982 Swade, John W., More Info
MS Swann, D.H. #2 Summary of "Reefs in the Illinois basin" 1951 Swann, David H., More Info


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