Manuscript Catalog

Call Number Title Date Author
MS Sowayan, A.M. #1 Seismic Studies of the Bedrock Valley System in Northwestern Illinois 1969 Sowayan, Abdulrahman M., More Info
MS Spande, E.D. #1 Effects of longwall-induced subsidence on hydraulic properties at a site in Jefferson County, Illinois 1990 Spande, Erik D., More Info
MS Speck, R.C. #1 A comparative evaluation of geologic factors influencing floor stability in two Illinois coal mines. 1979 Speck, Robert Charles, More Info
MS Spencer, C.W. #1 Petrographic study of underclay of No. 6 coal in Illinois 1955 Spencer, C.W., More Info
MS Spirakis, C.S. #1 The Sub-Kaskaskia Unconformity of the Illinois Basin 1974 Spirakis, Charles S., More Info
MS Spotti, A.E. #1 Some geologic descriptions of the roof strata and associated structure of #6 Coal in the Staunton-Gillespie Region 1941 Spotti, A.E., More Info
MS Squires, F. #14 Automatic painting superintendence 1945 Squires, F., Cooper, Chalmer L. More Info
MS Squires, F. #18 A series of gross production decline curves for various oil and gas leases 1945 Squires, F., More Info
MS Squires, F. #22 Water flooding in Illinois 1948 ca. Squires, F., More Info
MS Squires, F. #23 Illinois oil economics 1948 ca. Squires, F., More Info
MS Squires, F. #3 Experiments on the substitution of non-metallic pipe for steel well casing 1945 Squires, F., More Info
MS Staffeld, B.C. #1 Sand-Shale Ratios of a Part of the Pennsylvanian in Richland County, Illinois 1954 Staffeld, B.C., More Info
MS Stafford, M.R. #1 Hydrogeology, groundwater chemistry, and resistivity of a contaminated shallow aquifer system in southern Bond County, Illinois 1983 Stafford, Mark R., More Info
MS Stanke, F.A. #1 Fluvial geomorphology of two contrasting tributaries of the Vermilion River, east-central Illinois 1988 Stanke, Faith Alane, More Info
MS Stanley, R.G. #1 Trace fossils and the environments of deposition of the Caseyville and Abbott Formations (Lower Pennsylvanian), of southern Illinois 1980 Stanley, Roderick, More Info
MS Stanley, R.J. #1 Effects of porosity, permeability, and facies changes on the St. Louis and McClosky formations in the Illinois Basin 1993 Stanley, Robbie J., More Info
MS Stanonis, G.L. #1 Geologic Study of the Livingston Limestone to Locate Possible Quarry Sites in Clark County, Illinois 1978 Stanonis, Gregory L., More Info
MS Staplin, F.L. #1 Pleistocene Ostracoda of Illinois 1953 Staplin, Frank Lyons, More Info
MS Stecyk, A.N. #1 Sedimentology and stratigraphic correlations of Lower Pennsylvanian strata exposed along Roaring Creek, Parke County, Indiana 1985 Stecyk, Amy Natalia, More Info
MS Steinmetz, J.C. #1 Systematic key to Pleistocene Gastropod genera of Illinois 1969 Steinmetz, John Charles, More Info


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