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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Smith, J.C. #1 The depositional environment of the Mariah Hill coal seam (Dubois County, Indiana) and its correlation with coal property parameters 1985 Smith, James C., More Info
MS Smith, L.B. #1 High-resolution sequence stratigraphy of Late Mississippian (Chesterian) mixed carbonates and siliciclastics, Illinois Basin 1996 Smith, Langhorne Bullitt, More Info
MS Smith, L.M. #1 Late Quaternary glacial marine sedimentation in the Kangerlussuaq region, East Greenland, 68N 1997 Smith, Laryn Micaela, More Info
MS Smith, M.H. #1 Structure map of the pre-Pennsylvanian surface in Illinois 1941 Smith, M.H., More Info
MS Smith, N.M. #1 Salem Limestone in the Bedford-Bloomington Quarry Belt 1955 Smith, Ned M., More Info
MS Smith, R.S. #1 Profile descriptions of the soil types of southern Illinois 1920's? Smith, R.S., More Info
MS Smith, S.A. #1 Fabric analysis of tills near Danville, Illinois 1970 Smith, Stephen A., More Info
MS Smith, S.C. #1 Characteristics of underclays and roof rocks associated with the Springfield (V) coal in southwestern Indiana 1984 Smith, Stephen C., More Info
MS Smith, W.C. #1 The geology of some Pleistocene deposits and their engineering properties 1961 Smith, William Calhoun, More Info
MS Smith, W.C. #2 Role of the common clay minerals in some engineering properties of clay materials 1957 ? Smith, Willliam Calhoun More Info
MS Smith, W.C. #3 Preliminary geologic evaluation of McHenry County damsites for McHenry County Regional Planning Commission 1968 Smith, W. Calhoun, More Info
MS Smith, W.H. #1 Potential coal resources in strata below the Colchester (No. 2) Coal Member in Illinois 1967 Smith, William H., Kenneth E. Clegg More Info
MS Smith, W.H. #2 Coal resources for coal conversion in Illinois 1975 Smith, William H., More Info
MS Smoot, T.W. #1 Clay Mineralogy of Pre-Pennsylvanian Sandstone and Shales of the Illinois Basin 1959 Smoot, T.W., More Info
MS Smoot, T.W. #2 Investigation of the relationship between crude oil and montmorillonite and the effect of certain organic chemical additives on clay-water-oil systems 1960 Smoot, Thomas W., More Info
MS Smyth, A.L. #1 Pedogenesis and diagenesis of the Olive Hill clay bed, Breathitt Formation (Carboniferous) northeastern Kentucky 1984 Smyth, Ann Lindsay, More Info
MS Sneed, H.E. #1 Stratigraphic control of the paint Creek-Bethel oil accumulation in the Maud north consolidated area, Wabash County, Illinois 1950 Sneed, H.E., More Info
MS Soderman J.G.W. #1 Microscopic investigation of Mississippian (Borden) crinoidal limestones, Stobo, Indiana 1960 Soderman, Jarmo Georg William, More Info
MS Soderman J.G.W. #2 Petrology of algal bioherms in the Burnt Bluff Group (Silurian), Wisconsin 1962 Soderman, Jarmo Georg William, More Info
MS Somasekhara, K.V. #1 Megafauna and paleoecology of two shale units in the Haney and Menard Formations (Upper Mississippian) in southern Illinois 1970 Somasekhara, Kananur V., More Info


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