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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Schwartz, E.C. #1 Agricultural contamination and the ground water susceptibility in DeKalb County, Illinois 1991 Schwartz, Elaine C., More Info
MS Scott, H.W. #1 The fauna of the Galena limestone of northwestern Illinois 1931 Scott, H.W., More Info
MS Scott, J. #1 Salt springs in Illinois 1827 Scott, John, More Info
MS Searight, T.K. #1 Post-Cheltenham Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy of the Columbia-Hannibal Region, Missouri 1959 Searight, Thomas K., More Info
MS Searight, T.K. #2 Notes on the stratigraphy of the Caseyville, Abbott, and Spoon Formations in Southern Illinois 1968 Searight, Thomas K., More Info
MS Searight, W.V. #1 Geology and mineral resources of Beardstown quadrangle 1925-27 Searight, W.V., More Info
MS Segar, R.L. #1 A gravity and magnetic investigation along eastern flank of the Ozark uplift 1965 Segar, Robert Louis, More Info
MS Seid, M.J. #1 Tectonics of the Wolf Creek Fault Zone, southern Illinois: A consequence of Late Paleozoic transpression and transtension at the southeastern end of the Ste. Genevieve Fault System 2013 Seid, Mary J., More Info
MS Seils, D.E. #1 Soil-hydrological impacts of coal mine subsidence 1992 Seils, David Edward, More Info
MS Sen, D.K. #1 Development of iron and steel industry in the St. Louis area 1963 Sen, Dilip Kumar, More Info
MS Sexton, J.L. #1 Seismic reflection profiling studies of a buried Precambrian rift beneath the Wabash Valley fault zone 1981? Sexton, John L., L.W. Braile, W.J. Hinze, M.J. Campbell More Info
MS Sexton, J.L. #2 Review/Assessment: Use of magnetic data for mapping, defining faults/mica periodotite dikes, Saline-Gallatin County, Illinois 2003 Sexton, John L., Kevin W. Reimer More Info
MS Shaw, T.H. #1 Early-middle Ordovician lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and depositional environments of the Illinois Basin 1999 Shaw, Thomas Howard, More Info
MS Shelby, L. #1 A comparison of linears mapped from digitally processed Lansat data to faults depicted on geologic maps : the Fluorspar District, western Kentucky and southern Illinois 1982 Shelby, Lynn, More Info
MS Shepard, J.L. #1 Sedimentology of a Pennsylvanian, coal-bearing, cratonic delta; upper Tradewater formation, western Kentucky 1980 Shepard, John L., More Info
MS Shiley, R.H. #1 Inorganic fluorine complexes 1958 Shiley, Richard H., More Info
MS Shimp, N.F. #1 Open File Report of Mercury Determination in Soils taken from the University of Illinois Morrow Experimental Plots 1972 Shimp, Neil F., More Info
MS Shimp, N.F. #2 A study of the Relationship Between pH, Exchangeable Calcium, Percent Base Saturation, and Lime Requirement in Some Michigan Soils 1951 Shimp, Neil F., More Info
MS Shimp, N.F. #3 Methods and Results of Spectrochemical Analysis of Biological Materials 1955 Shimp, Neil F., More Info
MS Shover, E.F. #1 Petrology of upper Paleozoic clays and shales of north central Texas 1961 Shover, Edward Franklin, More Info


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