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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Reed, F.H. #8 The Unique position of Illinois coals in the steel industry 1955 Reed, Frank H. More Info
MS Reichelderfer, J.L. #1 Microfacies, diagenesis and porosity development in the Salem Limestone (Middle Mississippian), southern Illinois, U.S.A. 1985 Reichelderfer, Jan L., More Info
MS Reid, J.D. Ground water in Rosiclare, Aluminum Company of America 1954 Reid, John D. More Info
MS Reinbold, M.L. #1 Surface Geology and Coal Resources Study of an Area in Southeastern Crawford County, Illinois 1972 Reinbold, Mark L., More Info
MS Reinbold, M.L. #2 Late Devonian conodont biostratigraphy, Las Vegas Range, Clark County, Nevada 1977 Reinbold, Mark Lester, More Info
MS Reinhard, M.J.A. #1 Study of the Ste. Genevieve Formation at Selected Localities in Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky 1964 Reinhard, M.J.A. III, More Info
MS Reinking, R.L. #1 Geochemical prospecting for fluorspar in southern Illinois, using associated heavy metals 1965 Reinking, Robert Louis, More Info
MS Reiss, K.I. #1 A Study of the Expandable Clay Minerals from the #5 Coal Roof in the Keensburg, Illinois Area 1970 Reiss, Kenneth I. More Info
MS Reith, J.W. #1 The decline of coal mining in the Danville District, Illinois : its causes and effects 1949 Reith, J.W., More Info
MS Renick, H. #1 Magnetotelluric investigation in the area of the Tobacco Root Mountains, southwestern Montana; southeastern Montana; and southern Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio 1969 Renick, Howard Jr., More Info
MS Reynolds, D.J. #1 Structural and dimensional repetition in continental rifts 1984 Reynolds, David J., More Info
MS Reynolds, D.W. #1 Geology and porosity of a Devonian reservoir in the Wilfred Gas Storage Field, Sullivan County, Indiana 1987 Reynolds, Jr., Douglas Wade, More Info
MS Reynolds, R.R. #1 A comparative study of the quartz pebbles in the Lafayette Gravel and the Caseyville Conglomerate of southern Illinois 1942 Reynolds, Robert Ramon, More Info
MS Rich, D.W. #1 Porosity in oolitic limestones 1980 Rich, David William, More Info
MS Rich, N.B. #1 Bibliography of Illinois 1923 Rich, N.B., More Info
MS Richardson, C.K. Rare-earth element distribution patterns and trace elements at selected mines in the Cave-in-Rock fluorspar district, Illinois Richardson, Catherine K. More Info
MS Riggs, M.H. #1 Surficial geologic mapping and Quaternary history of the Creal Springs quadrangle, southern Illinois 1990 Riggs, Matthew Harold, More Info
MS Risatti, J.B. #1 Evaluation of microbiological depletion of oxygen in the Pittsfield, Illinois, CAES site 1985 Risatti, J. Bruno and R.D. Brower More Info
MS Risser, H.E. #1 Report on visit to site of operations of Union Carbide Chemicals Company, No. 2 mine utilizing continuous remote control highwall miner near Quick, West Virginia 1960 Risser, Hubert E., J.A. Simon, G.M. Wilson More Info
MS Risser, H.E. #2 Testimony of Hubert E. Risser before the Illinois Commerce Commission 1970 Risser, Hubert E., More Info


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