An attempt to correlate the Pennsylvanian sandstones of the Havana quadrangle by the composition and structure of their grains

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MS Willman, H.B. #1
Willman, H.B.,
31 p. : 5 plates

Thesis (M.S.)
Brief description of stratigraphy of Pennsylvanian strata in Havana Quadrangle; general lithology of sandstone members; generalized columnar section. Localities from which samples were collected. Outline of procedure: 1) Preliminary macroscopic examination; 2) mechanical analyses to determine grain size and shape; 3) mineral analyses, consisting of study of light and heavy fractions, the distinguishing character and heavy fractions, the distinguishing characteristics of mineral species, and percentages present. Pyramidal diagrams show size analyses.


Havana quadrangle


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