Geology and mineral resources of the Galesburg and Monmouth Quadrangles

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MS Poor, R.S. #4
Poor, R.S.,
108 p. : 15 plates ; 11 p. well logs

Physiography; stratigraphy of rocks of Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Mississippian, Pennsylvanian, and Pleistocene age
Structure, geologic history, economic geology; Pre-Mississippian stratigraphy treated briefly in original and based on well records
Log of one deep well at Galesburg included
Cyclothems named and described in detail
Economic resources include coal and clay
Clay products made from Purington shale by one operator include vitrified paving brick and tile
See also maps: 4107 d5-14; 4107 d5-15; 4107 u-7; 4103.K5 d3-1; 4103.K5 i5.1-10;
Cited in Circular 220, "Unpublished Reports on Open File";


Galesburg Quadrangle
Monmouth Quadrangle
Geology--Illinois--Knox County


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