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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Abegg, F.E. #1 Carbonate petrology, paleoecology, and depositional environments of the Clore Formation (Upper Chesterian) in southern Illinois 1986 Abegg, Frederick E. More Info
MS Abegg, F.E. #2 Lithostratigraphy, depositional environments, and sequence stratigraphy of the St. Louis and Ste. Genevieve Limestones (Upper Mississippian), southwestern Kansas 1992 Abegg, Frederick E., More Info
MS Aberbeen, E.J. #1 Location of break between the Galena and Platteville Limestones. 1931 , E. J. Aberdeen More Info
MS Abert, C.C. #1 General report of geology : Sections 5,6, and 16; T33N R10E, Will County, Illinois 198? Abert, Curtis C., More Info
MS Adair, M.B. #1 A geophysical study of the Ste. Genevieve fault zone 1975 Adair, Marcia B., More Info
MS Adem, A.O. #1 Geochemical study of an abandoned strip mine site, Williamson County, Illinois 1985 Adem, Adem Osman, More Info
MS Affolter, R.H. #1 Geochemistry of mineral matter and selected trace elements for the Herrin (No. 6) and Springfield-Harrisburg (No. 5) coal in northwestern Illinois 1977 Affolter, Ronald H., More Info
MS Ahbe, J.B. #1 Southeastern Illinois magnetic anomaly map and its regional geologic implications 1978 , Jeffrey B. Ahbe More Info
MS Al-Rikabi, H.M. #1 Displacement of oil from reservoir rock using micro-emulsions 1973 Al-Rikabi, Hamid Mohamid, More Info
MS Al-Tawil, A. #1 High resolution sequence stratigraphy of late Mississippian carbonates in the Appalachian Basin 1998 Al-Tawil, Aus, More Info
MS Alexander, C.S. #1 Natural and human induced change of shore process rates on lake Michigan : The recent experience 1984? Alexander, Charles S., More Info
MS Alexander, J.W. #1 Pennsylvanian geology of eastern Vermilion County, Illinois, northern Vermillion County, Indiana, and Warren and Fountain Counties, Indiana 1942 Alexander, Joseph Watrous, More Info
MS Allen, R.S. #1 Petrology, paleontology and origin of the Clear Creek Chert (Lower Devonian) in Union and Jackson Counties, southwestern Illinois 1985 Allen, Robert Stanton, More Info
MS Allen, V.T. #1 Petrography of the weathered zones of glacial deposits. 1931 Victor T. Allen More Info
MS Allen, V.T. #2 A study of the petrography and origin of Illinois underclays. 1931 , Victor T. Allen More Info
MS Allen, V.T. #3 Petrographic study of underclays of Illinois coals. A revision. 1931 , Victor T. Allen More Info
MS Allen, W.H. #1 Landscape evolution and soil formation : Treynor, Iowa 1971 Allen, William Henry, More Info
MS Allen, W.H. #1 Permeability of certain Illinois oil sands in the direction of the bedding planes and in the transverse direction 1937 Allen, William Hammond, More Info
MS Allison, D.A. #1 A pattern change along Drury Creek in southern Illinois and its relationship to the threshold concept 1977 , Dennis A. Allison More Info
MS Allman, D.W. #1 Analysis of base flow recession slopes of Panther Creek, Illinois 1968 Allman, David William, More Info


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