Publication Plan for Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area Earthquake Scenario

A representative of the Illinois State Geological Survey is part of the executive committee for a proposed project to produce a document showing impacts from a major earthquake in the greater St. Louis Metropolitan area. The first meeting for the project included participants from across the nation. It is hoped that the participants could produce the document for the 200th anniversary of the series of New Madrid earthquakes that rocked the central United States in 1811-1812. This scenario document is being produced with partial support from a national professional society, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). The document will provide a sobering look at the impacts of a major earthquake on area infrastructure and infrastructure that passes through the New Madrid Seismic Zone to other areas of the nation. This document for public and public officials will show impacts such as those on buildings, electricity, water supplies, business interruption, transportation systems of roads, railroads, river traffic, and pipelines. Direct and indirect costs will be estimated. Similar publications for Seattle and San Francisco have already been produced with partial support from EERI and other contributors.