Public Field Trip Draws Large Crowd

Mississippi river flood plain from Sentinel Trail, Mississippi River Palisades State Park More than 140 participants joined Illinois State Geological Survey geologists on May 22, 2010, to learn about and explore the geologic wonders of northwestern Illinois. At each of the trip's seven stops, the geologists discussed unique features and geologic processes that have shaped the landscape. The field trip started at Mississippi Palisades State Park, which is located near the southern end of the scenic unglaciated area of northwestern Illinois. The second stop included a visit to Sloan Marsh, one of the many lakes that are part of the Mississippi flyway used by migrating ducks, geese, pelicans, and other diverse groups of fowl. At Voss sand and gravel pit, participants learned about the development of sand dunes within the Mississippi River floodplain. At Savanna Blacktop and Quarry, the geologists explained the development of the karst solution features exposed within the quarry highwalls. This stop also provided an opportunity to collect a variety of fossils from the Ordovician age bedrock. The fall 2010 field trip is being planned.