Circular Series

These petroleum-related out-of-print circulars are based on data and methodologies available at the time of publication and may be outdated. Newer data and publications may supersede some information in out-of-print publications.



C 1 Effects of water flooding on oil production from the McClosky Sand, Dennison Township, Lawrence County
C 16 Fouth Annual Mineral Industries Conference of Illinois: Research on the state's mineral resources and their utilization.


C 22 Correlation problems in the new Illinois Basin fields


C 25 Systematic water flood may revive older Illinois fields
C 33 The recent impetus to oil prospecting in Illinois
C 37 Output from new Illinois fields and probable trend
C 38 Possible producing strata existing below the McClosky in Illinois


C 55 The New Centralia oil field
C 56 Rotary drilling in Illinois


C 58 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Randolph, western Perry, southwestern Washingon and southeastern St. Clair Counties, Illinois
C 59 Structural trends in the Illinois Basin


C 67 Recent developments in oil and gas in Illinois
C 75 Role of fundamental geologic principles in the opening of the Illinois Basin


C 90 Secondary recovery can salvage stripper well reserves in Illinois
C 91 Studies of the Chester series in the Illinois Basin
C 92 Rhythms in upper Pennsylvanian cyclothems
C 97 An experiment in the conversion of used automobile engines to oil-field power and compressor units
C 101 Oil-field flooding streamlined for war: a suggestion
C 104 The Board of Natural Resources and Conservation of the Department of Registration and Education. The Illinois State Geological Survey in war mineral research


C 105 Structure of Herrin (no. 6) coal bed in Christian and Montgomery counties and adjacent parts of Fayette, Macon, Sangamon, and Shelby Counties
C 106 Undiscovered oil reserves in Illinois
C 107 Possibilities of production from lime formations given the "acid test"
C 112 Factors controlling oil-well completions in the Illinois Basin


C 129 Investigations on secondary recovery by the Illinois State Geological Survey
C 130 Designs for oil field tools to aid in water flooding
C 137 Transparent model of reservoir showing displacement of oil by conjoint use of gas and water


C 144 Some Chester outcrop and subsurface sections in southeastern Illinois
C 148 Airplane views of Illinois oil installations


C 150 Prospects for oil discoveries in Illinois beyond proven areas and from deeper horizons
C 153 Flooding with re-used water
C 154 Illinois fluid rejection research reviewed
C 155 Measuring oil reserves by injected gas


C 157 Short papers on geologic subjects
C 160 Summary of stratigraphy shown in geologic cross-section of Illinois Basin
C 161 Secondary recovery in Illinois
C 163 Flooding prospects of Illinois Basin oil sands
C 165 Summary of water-flooding operations in Illinois, 1950


C 169 Future oil possibilities of the Eastern Interior Basin
C 173 Illinois water floods: a summary
C 176 Summary of water flooding operations in Illinois oil pools to 1951


C 180 Some important aspects of water flooding in Illinois


C 182 Summary of water flood operations in Illinois oil pools during 1951
C 183 Short papers on geologic subjects: some new observations on Niagaran reefs in Illinois
C 185 Summary of water flood operations in Illinois oil pools during 1952


C 193 Summary of water flood operations in Illinois oil pools during 1953


C 194 The flow of fluids through sandstones
C 195 Faults and other structures in southern Illinois: a compilation
C 203 Uranium in Illinois black shales
C 204 The Geneva (Middle Devonian) dolomite in Illinois


C 208 Illinois oil shales
C 211 Geology and history of oil production in the Decatur-Mt. Auburn-Springfield area, Illinois
C 224 Studies of waterflood performance. II, Trapping oil in a pore doublet


C 236 Fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs. I, the Kozeny paradox
C 237 Studies of waterflood performance. III, Use of network models
C 242 Fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs. II, Predicted effects of sand consolidation


C 250 Fishhook gas pool, Pike and Adams Counties, Illinois
C 251 Hydraulic fracture theory. Part I, Mechanics of materials
C 252 Hydraulic fracture theory. Part II, Fracture orientation and possibility of fracture control
C 253 Tiskilwa drift-gas area Bureau and Putnam Counties, Illinois
C 258 Relation of Silurian reefs to Ordovician structure in the Patoka oil area
C 262 Studies of waterflood performance. IV, Influence of curtailments on recovery


C 267 Spar Mountain sandstone in Cooks Mills area, Coles and Douglas Counties, Illinois
C 272 Freeburg gas pool St. Clair County, Illinois
C 281 Hydraulic fracture theory. III, Elastic properties of sandstone


C 284 Salem limestone in southwestern Illinois
C 291 Fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs. III. Effect of fluid-fluid interfacial boundary condition
C 292 Glacial-drift gas in Illinois
C 306 Differentiation of Caseyville (Pennsylvanian) and Chester (Mississippian) sediments in the Illinois Basin
C 307 Chemical evaluation of Illinois oil shales


C 318 Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois
C 325 Oil and gas in the Adams-Brown-Schuyler County area, Illinois


C 340 Late Mississippian sandstones of Illinois


C 349 Wapella East oil pool, De Witt, County, Illinois: a Silurian reef
C 351 Structural framework of southernmost Illinois
C 358 Some economic aspects of the Illinois oil industry


C 362 Carper sand oil production in St. James, Wilberton, and St. Paul pools, Fayette County, Illinois
C 363 Aeromagnetic study of the Hardin County area, Illinois
C 368 Deep oil possibilities of the Illinois Basin
C 369 Geologic significance of the gravity field in the DeWitt-McLean County areas, Illinois
C 377 Niagaran reefs and oil accumulation in the DeWitt-McLean area, Illinois


C 383 The Sangamon arch
C 383 pl. 7 The Sangamon arch Plate 7: structure contour map on top of the Galena Group (Trenton Limestone)
C 383 pl. 8 The Sangamon arch Plate 8: structure contour map on top of the Hunton Megagroup
C 386 The Borden siltstone (Mississippian) delta in southwestern Illinois
C 387 Ashmore gas area Coles County, Illinois
C 389 Grand Tower limestone (Devonian) of southern Illinois
C 393 The origin of saline formation waters. II, isotopic fractionation by shale micropore systems


C 397 The origin of saline formation waters. III, calcium chloride waters
C 401 Deep-water sediments adjacent to the Borden Siltstone (Mississippian) Delta in southern Illinois


C 424 Geology and oil production in the Tuscola area, Illinois
C 425 Turbidites and other sandstone bodies in the Borden Siltstone (Mississippian) in Illinois


C 436 Oil production from the Ste. Genevieve limestone in the Exchange area, Marion County, Illinois
C 441 The Middle Devonian strata of southern Illinois


C 450 A gravity survey of extreme southeastern Illinois
C 454 Trend-surface analysis of the structure of the Ste. Genevieve Limestone in the Effingham, Illinois area


C 458 Paleogeologic map of the sub-Pennsylvanian Chesterian (upper Mississippian) surface in the Illinois Basin
C 458 pl. 2 Paleogeologic map of the sub-Pennsylvanian Chesterian (upper Mississippian) surface in the Illinois Basin


C 470 Hydrodynamics in deep aquifers of the Illinois Basin


C 482 The effect of buried Niagaran reefs on overlying strata in southwestern Illinois
C 483 Vanadium in Devonian, Silurian, and Ordovician crude oils of Illinois


C 494 The gravity field and tectonics of Illinois


C 509 The Wabash Valley Fault System in southeastern Illinois


C 513 The Rend Lake Fault system in southern Illinois


C 516 Structural framework of the Mississippi embayment of southern Illinois
C 518 The New Albany Shale Group of Illinois
C 519 Structural features in Illinois—a compendium
C 522 The Cottage Grove Fault System in southern Illinois
C 538 Structural geology of southeastern Illinois and vicinity


C 544 The Illinois Basin: a tidally and tectonically influenced ramp during mid-Chesterian time


C 557 Geochemistry of black shales of the new Albany Group (Devonian-Mississippian) in the Illinois Basin: relationships between lithofacies and the carbon, sulfur, and iron contents


C 561 Mineralogy and diagenesis of the Pennsylvanian Browning Sandstone on the western shelf of the Illinois Basin