Public Attends ISGS Open House

Several pictures form the 2007 ISGS Open HouseThe Illinois State Geological Survey held its second annual open house, March 9 and 10, 2007. An estimated 2,000 people came to the Natural Resources Building in Champaign to learn about the Survey's research and service activities. Staff members presented more than 30 exhibits and interactive activities, including digging for fossils at the "Kids Fossil Dig," "Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, and Dinosaurs," "Fun with Liquids, Gases and Solids," "The Wonders of Carbon Dioxide," and "Illinois from Space." Invited exhibitors included the Illinois Petroleum Resource Board's traveling exhibit van displaying information about the oil and gas industry in IIlinois, and "Cave Rave," a walk-in cave exhibit created by the graduate students of the University of Illinois Geology Department. Friday's visitors included more than 800 students and teachers from as far away as Charleston. Families were prominent attendees among the steady flow of Saturday's visitors. The ISGS open house event was held concurrently with open houses hosted by the University's College of Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences and the College of Engineering.