Mercury Control Technology Meeting at Applied Research Laboratory

ISGS is planning to demonstrate its patented sorbent activation process (SAP) at a utility site during summer 2008. The SAP was developed for on-site production of activated carbon for control of mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. ISGS is currently testing a bench-scale SAP at the Applied Research Laboratory. A planning meeting was held at ISGS with representatives from ISGS, EPRI, Ameren, Apogee Scientific, Western Kentucky University, Calgon Carbon Corporation, and Illinois Clean Coal Institute (ICCI). The group discussed the current research project sponsored by the ICCI and EPRI and the possibility of a full-scale (30 to 50 pounds of sorbent per hour) SAP demonstration at Ameren's Meredosia Power Plant. The research team also visited Ameren's Meredosia Power Plant. ISGS engineers are currently working with EPRI and Apogee to design a SAP unit for the full-scale demonstration.