Joint Project with Kentucky Geological Survey Completed

Middle Mississippian carbonate section of the Illinois Basin from The Mississippian Section of Paddys Bluff, Crittenden County, Kentucky. An article entitled "The Mississippian Section at Paddys Bluff, Crittenden County, Kentucky" was published in the map and chart series of the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS). The article highlights the results of a team project between the Illinois State Geological Survey, KGS, University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research, and University of Cincinnati. The project, led by Paul Potter of University of Cincinnati, examined a key Mississippian carbonate section (Paddys Bluff) in northwestern Kentucky, located on the south side of the Illinois Basin. Two economically important units, the Salem Limestone and St. Louis Limestone, are exposed at the bluff. The bluff is located in the deepest part of the middle Mississippian carbonate section of the Illinois Basin. The information from this outcrop will be helpful for understanding the stratigraphic relationship between the Salem Limestone and St. Louis Limestone elsewhere in the Illinois Basin. Incidentally, the bluff is locally famous as the location for a scene from the classic 1962 film, "How the West Was Won."