M.S. Thesis Defended

On April 26, 2010, Jared Freiburg defended his master's thesis: The timing, composition, and source of subsurface diagenetic waters responsible for sulfide and carbonate mineralization in solution cavities of the Ordovician Galena Group limestone, North Aurora, Illinois, USA. The thesis research took place in an active underground aggregate mine in North Aurora, Kane County. Research results, including a high-resolution paragenetic sequence regarding the development of meter-scale solution cavities and mineral deposits, suggest that the majority of diagenetic alterations of the Galena Group limestone at North Aurora are the result of Mississippi Valley-type (MVT) diagenetic processes. These results have important implications with respect to MVT mineral deposits and factors controlling cavernous porosity development. This study provides a means for predicting regional subsurface paleo-fluid flow and for developing a more accurate model for economic mineral and hydrocarbon exploration.