Automated Feature Detection in LiDAR Data


The ISGS hosted a meeting to share a common overview of available LiDAR data for Illinois and introduce Eric Shaffer's group from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Computational Science and Engineering. About 20 people attended from ISGS, Illinois Natural History Survey, Illinois State Archaeological Survey, UIUC, US Army Corps of Engineers, and Natural Resources Conservation Service. Attendees discussed potential LiDAR applications across a wide array of specialty subjects. The meeting received considerable positive feedback and fostered the beginning of a community of research scientists interested in interdisciplinary collaboration. Scientists expressed interest in LiDAR applications for:

  1. Forestry and plant communities
  2. Water management and nutrient runoff
  3.  Identification of abandoned quarries
  4. Glacial landscapes and landforms
  5. Engineering geology for soils and slope stability
  6. Detection of archaeological features
  7. Protection of cemeteries and archaeological sites.