Illinois Clean Coal Institute (ICCI)

The Office of Coal Development administered the largest state-sponsored coal research and development program in the United States. The program was under the technical oversight of the Illinois Clean Coal Institute (ICCI). The ICCI was established in December 1982 as the Center for Research on Sulfur in Coal to coordinate a comprehensive coal research and development program addressing issues related to sulfur and other noxious elements in Illinois coal.  The Center was renamed ICCI in 1992 to reflect the need to broaden research efforts to include all aspects of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, as well as to focus on issues related to clean coal technologies, mining productivity, and mine safety.  The ICCI encouraged interaction between small businesses, universities, research centers, industry, the DOE, and/or other state and federal agencies to provide the multi-disciplinary expertise and cost sharing necessary to develop a successful research program. 

The Coal Research and Development Program was dedicated to the development and use of Illinois' extensive coal resources as a fuel source for the future.  The technical reports represented in this database is a  compilation of an over 35 year effort by the ICCI to develop and apply new and improved technologies that contribute to the economic and environmentally sound use of Illinois coal.  Over the lifetime of the program, approximately $100 million supported nearly 1,000 projects with coal research and development work focusing on carbon management, advanced coal mining technologies, power generation and plant efficiencies, flue gas cleaning and coal chemistry.


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